In case you missed MORE’s Forum on “Blowing the Whistle on Fear and Corruption in NYC schools”

This pastSaturday, I hadthehonor of being asked to speak on a panel and share my crazy story of blowing the whistle on corruption in my school. The forum was run by the new progressive caucus of the UFT, theMovementof Rank-and-File Educators (MORE). This is a group that has been helping fill a void left bymy union’s leadership. They did say that they are working on it though.

In exile and not charged for over 300 days

In Exile

The keynote speaker was Professor Lois Weiner, whodescribedthe “big picture” and what is helping push this assault. The moderator was Brian Jones, who is running for the UFT top slate this Spring. The other panelist was Harris Lirtzman, who blew the whistle on special education non-compliance. Remember that when teachers blow the whistle, it is because students are suffering. It is important to always keep that in mind!

Here is the video in two parts:

MORE Forum on Dignity and Democracy in Education Part 1 from Grassroots Education Movement on Vimeo.

MORE Forum on Dignity and Democracy in Education from Grassroots Education Movement on Vimeo.

We expected about 30 people and wound up having visitors turned away after we reached about 80. It was a very successful event.






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  1. wow this like teh never ending story… Alenski wanted to know what was up with you and i had to log on to find out!

  2. I commend you and Harris for taking on the breast called the DoE. It takes a lot of courage and strength to do what you two did in the name of justice for your students and the community.

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