Investigating the Investigators


I don’t have much trust in investigations that involve the Department of Education. This lack of trust comes from both personal experience and reading and listening to other educator’s experiences. How broken is our system So broken that we can’t trust the investigators are investigating properly and without bias. It may not be the actual investigators though. They too are employees. Heck, it may not even be their bosses. This long battle to protect corrupt administrators (school CEOs) and destroy countless innocent teacher’s lives may just part of higher directives. An agenda that is still not crystal clear.

So far, I’m only under investigation by the Special Commissioner of Investigation (allegations here). Hah, I say “only” as if this is a good thing. The DOE’s Office of Special Investigations is usually for corporal punishment and I guess the administrators were not able to find a student to coerce into lying about me. Read this report, by parent advocate and great supporter Betsy Combier, and see how the issues have been going on for years and how SCI came to be.

I submitted some investigations, with so much evidence that it would be almost impossible to have them unsubstantiated. However, they somehow seemed to have found no evidence of guilt for these administrators. Unfortunately, when the case is unsubstantiated you cannot see any of the details or what transpired during the investigation. Hence why I do not have much trust in these investigations.


Read this very new Supreme Court appeals decision that allows for the FOILing of investigators notes and reports even if the case is unsubstantiated. Hmm…where do I start Eh, I’ll just FOIL all the unsubstantiated cases against my administrators including the cases I submitted that were whitewashed.

Imagine being provided the notes of the investigators


Mock Investigator Notes:

On _____ I informed principal that an allegation has been made that her assistant principal clocked in, left the building and was clocked out for hours she didn’t work. I asked principal “Was ____here” She responded “Yes.”

I did not cross reference video surveillance archive with alleged time of departure. I just trusted the principal.

Case Closed.



…and the truth shall set you free

Remember you can learn how to FOIL here: Educator Survival Guide

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  1. Hi Francesco! I would like readers to look at the other document I scanned in from the municipal Library, The Gill Commission Report, which was written at about the same time as the report called “Investigating the Investigators”. Go here:
    Two Reports, “Investigating The Investigators”, and ‘The Gill Commission Report’ (1990) Dont Improve New York City Public Schools,; By the Way, James Gill is the dad of Rose Gill Hearn, mayor Bloomberg’s Commissioner of NYC’s Department of Investigation, and boss of Richard Condon, director of the Special Commissioner of Investigation (SCI).

    Incestuous, isn’t it

    Betsy Combier

    • Thanks, as always, Betsy. Readers should always check Betsy’s blog. It’s been an

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