Highway blogging- the last day of school

Please excuse any typographical errors or grammatical errors here. I am using voice to text to speak this post on the last day of school while I’m driving home. Don’t worry I have my hands on 10 and two and only using my voice.

It seems a little surreal that it’s the last day of school. That 180 days have passed this year and I was still exiled and unable to educate students in my classroom. September started off a little lonelier as I had returned to the rubber room with no end in sight. In October I livestream myself sitting there and the number of people who supported me grew. No momentum has not stopped since then. I have been fighting to continue to fight for not only myself but other educators out there. I know that by helping the other educators I will be helping their students as well and their families.

An extremely vague report about me came out. To this day I have not found anyone to point to part of the report and say hey that’s what you did they found you guilty. It seemed that the Department of Education was dead set on surpassing every time line that was. I finally received charges on May 17, 2013. I know that that was the goal way back on January 30, 2012. With my left hand tied behind my back I held back an army of attorneys and the Department of Education officials..

The other day that valedictorian of my school invited me to graduation and I attended. It was joyous and sad. As I was a joyous because the children were moving onto the next chapter of their lives. It was sad because it reminded me that there’s people out there with a responsibility to educate the students and those people have failed them. They even had security tell me and follow me to my car and watch me the whole time I was there. They made it like I was some sort of physical threat. I am a threat, however not in a physical sense. I am a threat to corruption and corruption runs rampant there.

As all the other teachers going vacation, so alive. I will be setting up a few things on this blog and getting it ready for the summer for any visitors. However, I will not be blogging and most likely would only wanted to post scheduled throughout the summer. I know I still have a long and arduous battle in front of me. I will take this time to focus on my family and try and enjoy a relaxed life. At least that is the plan.

I will be opening up the media museum top of the page. I will also be updating my story filling in the blanks that I’ve had for the last 18 months. When I return from summer vacation I will make sure not to leave any stone unturned. I think I have proven that.

Have a happy and healthy summer and don’t let anyone tread on you

Like I said, I used voice to text to type this and will not be proofreading at all so please excuse any strange writing, words and Errors

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