FOILed NYCDOE and UFT Teacher Evaluation Proposals Acquired. Let’s Compare.


What did the UFT Want What did the NYC DOE want What did Mayor Bloomberg want

…and how did those topics differ from what NYSED Commissioner Dr. John King wanted in the end

I FOILed those May 8th proposals on May 22, 2013. Although there was some delay and loss in communication, the FOIL officer at NYSED, just emailed me both proposals. I withdrew my appeal.

I quickly browsed through them, but then I realized “Wait…my termination hearing continues on Monday at 51 Chamber Street, 7th Fl at 10AM. I have to prepare for that over this right now.

Therefore I am sharing them with you all, so you can read, dissect and compare. Enjoy and I look forward to your analysis.

UFT Evaluation Proposals

NYC DOE Evaluation Proposals

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