DOE Investigators and Lawyers Play “Hot Potato” with Allegations.

If you learned anything from reading my articles then you should now know that the investigative units are corrupt, bias and skilled at losing cases and hiding the truth from the public.

Here is how they play “hot potato” with employee and parent allegations they don’t want to substantiate.

First you send allegations to the Special Commissioner of Investigation (SCI) Richard Condon. They intake all types of allegations. They claim to be separate from the DOE, except they get paid by the DOE. No conflict there.
Read The Special Commissioner of Investigations Hand is in the Pocket of the Chancellor

Then you have the internal DOE investigative offices; the Office of Special Investigations (OSI) and the Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO). OSI only intakes cases of verbal abuse and corporal punishment. Anything else has to be referred to them from SCI. OEO intakes cases of sexual harassment and discrimination.

Speaking of Referrals

This is how the game is played Try and follow…Ready


SCI looks at a case and decides they want to throw it down to OSI. Who knows what protocol they follow, but my sources tell me the hot cases against admin they want to protect are referred to the OSI abyss. See this link on how OSI would lose cases for years. EduSnowden package kept in my mailbox.

A complainant will receive notification like this.

From: Gerard Ralph D
Sent: Dec 18, 2014 12:54 PM
To: Portelos Francesco
Subject: SCI Case# 2014-7044 R/OSI

Please be advised that the information you reported has been reviewed by the Office of the Special Commissioner (SCI) and the decision has been made to refer the matter to the Chancellors Office of Special Investigations (OSI) for appropriate action. You can contact OSI at718-935-3800or further information.

Thank you,

Expect to hear nothing for at least a year.

Then you might get this:

Please be advised that the information you reported has been reviewed by the Office of the Special Commissioner (SCI) and the decision has been made to refer the matter toOffice of the General Counsel (OGC), Courtenaye Jackson-Chase, General Counsel, for appropriate action. You can contact(OGC) at212-374-3440for further information.

Thank you,

OGC OGC What is OGC Mr. Portelos You never mentioned that acronym.

Well, OGC is the Office of the General Counsel. In other words the Chancellor’s top attorney. If you thought OSI was an abyss, you should investigate OGC.

One parent emailed me:

I finally after a year got a call from the OGC. Apologies were given but still nothing done. We need to continue to call the public advocate!

In my own journey I had at least three cases referred to OGC by both SCI and OSI. Two were related to high profile DOE employees; a superintendent, Erminia Claudio, and former executive director of employee relations, Andrew Gordon. They were referred to OGC in 2012 and 2013. The one against Claudio was also against Deputy Network Leader 604 Greg Bowen. All cases involved fraud and false allegations.

My attorney Bryan Glass and I demanded we be furnished with the investigative notes and outcomes as part of my federal lawsuit. After almost three years, we are told…No such cases exist.

Despite actually talking to attorney Theresa Europe in 2012 about OGC investigating Andrew Gordon, we are now told that there is no information from OGC pertaining to cases being investigated.

1. 2012-4638 R-OGC SCI # 3708 :No record of an investigationby the Office of the General Counsel or OSI exists.
2. Case # 2012-4640 R- OGC:No record of an investigationby the Office of the General Counsel or OSI exists.
3. Case # 2013-3720 R-OSI:No record of an investigationby the Office of the General Counsel or OSI exists.

Interesting, no Especially since I have record of OGC attorney Theresa Europe acknowledging an investigation on Andrew Gordon. Perhaps a complainant to the DDC will help them find the cases. Read File a DDC Complaint Against an Attorney.

But then again all this was during the Bloomberg Klein Walcott era. We should expect better from the de Blasio Faria camp. (Psst….expect they kept virtually everyone on board, including Richard Condon and Theresa Europe.)

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  1. Maybe since there has been a sort of cleaning house at OSI perhaps when the people left or got the can they took the cases with them or wiped them out of the computer. Sounds like that’s what happens, they make you wait forever then say, “we never heard of this case or that case”.

  2. The authority to regulate and discipline lawyers in New York State is vested in the Appellate Divisions of the New York State Supreme Court. There are four regional Appellate Divisions of the Supreme Court. Each of the courts has one or more attorney grievance committees to investigate and prosecute complaints of professional misconduct against lawyers.

    There are eight attorney grievance committees within the state. Each will accept written complaints of professional misconduct concerning lawyers with offices in their regions.

    First Judicial Department
    For lawyers with offices in the counties of New York and Bronx:

    Departmental Disciplinary Committee
    61 Broadway, 2nd Floor
    New York, NY 10006

    Chief Counsel: Alan W. Friedberg

    Telephone: (212) 401 0800
    Fax: (212) 401-0810

  3. So no one at the top takes our complaints seriously I wrote a complaint and SCi sent it to OSI who sent it to the superintendent and probably File 13. I wrote complaint to the supe and chancellor that it has been a year and I’ve not heard from them. Yet, the thousands spent trying to ruin a teacher. smh

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