Crimes have been committed

SPOILER ALERT: If this is your first visit to my site, then you should not read this post first. It will be as if you are reading a mystery book from the back.

I finally heard the 15+ allegations against me. I won’t go into them in detail, as some are still pending more questioning, but I will say I did not hear one that warranted my removal from my classroom or school. In fact, I can’t wait to share them with you as some are so ridiculous you will go insane when you read them. After hearing them I still feel I did nothing wrong. I broke no law, violated no regulation or policy. I should return to IS 49 Monday and salvage the last week of school! I should also attend graduation. I sent an appeal to the Chancellor and I was told his office is reviewing it.

This brings us to a very, very important question. “Who was responsible for making the call to remove me and deprive my 180 students from an excellent education” All those responsible should be held accountable. They should actually be arrested since they robbed the young minds of career oriented knowledge. The parents should also file a class action law suit against those who made the false allegations against me: Principal Hill, Assistant Principal Aguire and Union Leader Richard Candia. They should be held accountable to NYC Charter section 1116 on fraud and State Commissioner Regulation part 83

I did receive the email below from Human Resources Director, Andrew Gordon, that states he made the decision to remove me. As I heard the allegations, my first thought went to “Mr. Andrew Gordon actually heard these ridiculous allegations and decided to send me away Is he serious”

From: “Gordon Andrew”
> Date: May 3, 2012 5:48 PM
> Subject: Reassignment Decision
> To:
> Mr. Portelo
> You have made inquiries to Mr. Becker and other DOE personnel concerning your reassignment and those inquiries have been forwarded to me to respond on their behalf. The decision to reassign you from your regular classroom teaching assignment was my decision. As you were advised in writing at the time of your reassignment, you were removed from your assignment as a result of a pending investigation. At this time, we cannot provide you with any additional details about this matter because it is an open and active investigation. At the appropriate time, you will be contacted by the investigators.
> In addition, it is my understanding that you requested information concerning your particular reassignment. From time to time, it may become necessary to change the location and nature of your reassignment based on the DOE needs and available Central locations with appropriate supervisors and administrative work. As we have done in each instance, you will be notified in writing of the change in your reassignment.
> Andrew Gordon
> Executive Director
> HR Connect and Employee Relations
> Division of Human Resources
> NYC Department of Education
> 65 Court Street, Room 200
> Brooklyn, NY 11201
> Office: (718) 935-3790

Parents, please direct your inquiries to the contact information above. He does not respond to my emails.

This post would be so much better to understand if you saw the list of erroneous claims. My Federal Law suit just became 100 times stronger!

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  1. Are you serious I will call you this week and we will discuss..I cannot believe what a real jerk Andrew Gordon is. Like, he knows you and you were such a horrible person….that you needed to be removed. I can only imagine the charges.

    Specification 1
    F.P. you made the NYCDOE look bad when you began asking questions (like a concerned citizen should).

    Specification 2
    F.P. made the NYCDOE look bad when he undercovered the truth about the rubber rooms. He exercised his freedom of speech, and really should not be doing that.

    Specification 3-15
    Insert any random, arbitrary act…and read like an adminstrator…in a serious voice.LOL

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