Advance@Work with Morrison & Foerster

Back in early 2013, I was approached by the large and reputable law firm of Morrison & Foerster. They were creating a workplace bullying video and heard about my story through one of their clients. We met twice to discuss and I eventually participated in an interview.

The team did an amazing job interviewing several participants. Sharon Parella, Joseph Marano and team also created an iPhone app and won an award for it. Download here. The workplace bullying videos, as well as a growing list of other helpful videos, are listed on their new YouTube Channel.

This can also apply to the school work setting. The Office Gossip video reminds me of what can happen at the staff lounge at school.

Check these and new upcoming videos here at Advance@Work

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  1. Maybe you can add to to your “Educator’s Survival Guide”

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