Federal Court Orders DOE Investigators to Turn Over Their Files

Lately, I have been so busy with so many tasks and personal things that it has been tough to find time andreally sit and write good posts. We have been working on DTOE.org more and really mobilizing other educators. Think of Protectportelos.org as a book on BBQ Steak. You shouldn’t be surprised that almost every page is about steak. EducatorFightsBack.org (protectportelos.org) is about me and my story.DTOE.org however is like a book on “Foods of Spain”, where you will find a variety of different pages of thesame general topic (Targeted Educators). Check it out and subscribe. Especially read this story about another targeted teacher fired for speaking up about a disservice to students.

I have also worked on UFTContract.com over theSpring Break a bit.

I still have yet to receive the decision of my 3020-a termination hearing. I do have 2 posts ready though. One if it is favorable and one if it is not. Think of those two posts like the two teams at theSuperBowl who both have “Champion” hats in their locker room. Only one will get to wearthem. I hope to get a favorable decision soon.

In other news with Federal lawsuit (This is BIG)

The Federal lawsuit is still in the discovery phase. We have depositions and documents shared back and forth. You might remember my post3,000 Pages of Secret DOE Emailsfrom September 2013. In addition to those I have continued to FOIL for more information and my 3020-a hearing unearthed a lot of items and information as well.

Now here is it where it gets very interesting…

As you saw here CASE TRACKER, I have made about 19 allegations in over two years. I know you might be thinking “TROUBLEMAKER!”, but it is really “TROUBLEFINDER.”

In every single case, no matter the wealth of evidence against thesubject, SCI, OSI and OEO, theinvestigative bodies, have either administratively closed thecase, unsubstantiated the case or just kept it open for over two years hoping I get hit by a bus or something. (knock on wood)

This is great for these offices, because when they unsubstantiate a case, they DO NOT HAVE TO SHARE THEIR NOTES OR REPORTS. We, the public, are left in thedark.

Until now! My attorney Bryan Glass and I, requested that we get these documents as they may show bias in their investigation (aka DO NOT SUBSTANTIATE ANY CASE FRANCESCOPORTELOS INTITATED!!!) That is how it’s been and that has been the alleged directive. The federal magistrate agreed that we should be able to see these.

See Court Order:

“On or before4/30/2014, SCI must produce the Portelos-related files to corporation counsel for review and production as ordered during conference. 3) On or before5/30/2014, Defendants will produce redacted Portelos-related OSI/SCI/OEO documents. 4) On or before5/16/2014, Defendants will produce unredacted OSI/SCI/OEO-Portelos-related documents.”

I imagine these offices are in a frenzy now.

Calling all cars…calling all cars! We need people back in theoffice to help us write up reports and explain why we closed cases that had damning evidence! Curse you Portelos and those that woke you from your slumber!” -SCI, OSI and OEO



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  1. Whoa that is big!!! Keep us updated.

  2. hi mr portelos this is alain i dont now if you remember me. Hope you win this you were a great teacher.

  3. That’s great! How can we get acess to our own osi closed cases. I am having the same problem. I have filed several verbal abuse. all ignored!

  4. Sure I can try.

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