20 Miles from my Family and Students

My newborn son, Anastasio Sebastian Portelos

It’s bad enough that NYC Department of Education officials removed me from my community school after I alleged misconduct. They left countless students without the education they deserved. To make matters worse, they continued with a series of poor decisions when I continued to write this blog post on April 29, Online and Omnipresent, and they decided to make up lies about me and send me over an hour away the next day.

I attempted to file a grievance, because the DOE violated their own CR 770 policy. There, at the the Office of Labor Relations, is when I was first notified of the lies made by none other than Andrew Gordon, Executive Director of HR. I knew he was bluffing and the story is written in this post, “I call a bluff….I’m all in [pushing chips forward]

Gary Laveman denied the Step 1 grievance even though the burden of proof was on the DOE. We filed a Step 2 grievance in which Gary Laveman was allowed, by Alan Lichtenstein, to discuss that I was removed based on “serious allegations”. When my union rep and I tried to read out these “serious” allegations” we were denied. When I showed Alan Lichtenstein an email from my supervisor stating she had nothing to do with allegations of wrongdoing, he conveniently ignored me. To quote Gary Laveman, he stated “Mr. Portelos was reassigned near his home and could have sat there reading a newspaper. Instead he wandered their complex.” Interesting to point out there is no proof and this is completely different than the “administrative duties” the DOE insists reassigned teachers are engaged in.

See here a picture of the bookshelf I was shown on the 3rd floor of the Petrides Center. The first day of reassignment I was told, “You can read these books.”

The problem is there is no penalty for false accusations. Andrew Gordon of HR has his signature on all reassigned papers for all reassigned employees. He can say what he wants with no regard to right or wrong. I’ve submitted a complaint and he is currently under investigation by the Office of General Counsel. My plan is to get him and David Brodsky, Director of the Office of Labor Relations on the stand in Federal court.

Here is their info in case you find what I’m telling you disturbing. Remember their decisions cost the city millions, and countless students have been without their teachers.

Andrew Gordon
Executive Director
HR Connect and Employee Relations
Division of Human Resources
NYC Department of Education
65 Court Street, Room 200
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Office: (718) 935-3790

or Andrew Gordon’s boss

Lawrence Becker
Chief Executive Officer
Division of Human Resources
NYC Department of Education
65 Court Street, Room 707
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Office: (718) 935-4176

David Brodsky,
Office of Labor Relations
Labor Relation
Office: (212) 374-7954

Here is the denial letter I received the day before my wife gave birth. Tomorrow I will spend over two hours in traffic to go to a conference room and sit while my two sons are twenty miles away with their mother who is recovering from surgery. “Children First. Always.”


Please excuse typos as I wrote this post on my phone from the hospital.

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  1. Congratulations on the birth of your son! I’ll try to call you!on Friday a truck traveling south lost two wheels n axle. Came towards me n I luckily swerved. It hit off concrete divider with my wife in car n luckily we weren’t killed car is in collision shop

  2. Congrats on the birth of your precious son. Hold on. Sometimes a person has to go through trials and tributions before the sweet taste of vindication comes your way. When your sons are older, you can tell them the story of the Big Bad Wolf at Tweed and how they tried to blow down your chutzpah. But you built your perseverance strongly and it will withstand all the blowing from those at Tweed.

  3. Why did you have another kid if this situation was going to be so stressful You HAD to have a second kid! Hopefully, he won’t grow up to be a whiny baby like his father.

    • @Anonymous Thanks for your concern. I hope my sons grow up to be ten times the man I am. Are you sure you should be commenting from a DOE computer at 9:45am Surely that isn’t your lunch period. You may be violating the IAUP.

      • hmmm….who wrote that during tax paying, working time
        Could it be the jealous looser, the one who was arrested
        for…”caressing” his girlfriend with his “manly” fists

  4. Francesco….you’re very humble….and you’re great at telling people to shut up with pure eloquence. Congrats and we will talk very soon.

  5. the more Portelos’ the merrier, happiness is when good changes come to replace the bad.
    waiting to hear what happens next, the storm has much of SI unsettled and will be for awhile, I read the announcment that students of IS2 will go to IS27 to return to school wed. have to get yellow buses in schedule for transport. unrelated our communtiy voting school has changed from Concord HS to PS14 we were advanced last month, Hurricane Sandy:, we got power last nigh thurt, I had sent my boys to family with power tues, havent seen my boys since and I miss them, but it was safer in bklyn with grandma and with other cousins that did lose their house on midland, all the children are safe with grandma. Keep Safe, and be Ready to come Back, I’m here and ready to start again.

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