Caption Contest: IS 49 Principal Linda Hill and mentor Chancellor Faria months after she was found guilty of stealing


A 900 day investigation, that was completed in October 2013 and finalized in July 2014, found IS 49 Principal Linda Hill guilty of defrauding the government. Her double dipping practices are a Class E felony. The fraud she committed as a public employee is also a misdemeanor. No discipline has been doled out and she continues to be principal with access to a $7 million budget.

The photo above was taken months after the final report was issued as Principal Hill’s mentor, Chancellor Faria, commends her on her work.

I’m having a hard time captioning this photo. Can you help

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  1. Michael Schiavo

    “Carmen can you actually believe that they expect me to pay back what I stole”
    “Don’t worry Linda I have your back

  2. “You’ll be fine Linda. I was involved in some shady business with the Addenburg funds a while back and I became chancellor.”

  3. “Here’s a envelope with $4,000. Ms. Hill lifted it from school funds. Please dig a hole in her backyard and bury it so that the next time her husband lets her out she can dig it up.”

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