What happened to us


I was just doing a little Spring cleaning with my wife and I came across this shirt. At first I couldn’t remember where I bought it. My wife gave me a look like “You are not wearing that in public.” Then it hit me…I didn’t buy this shirt, but rather it was a gift from Principal Linda Hill.

I was called down to the principal’s office after school over a year ago. There was a Dreyfus Achieve Now Academy (DANA) meeting in session. I walked in and Principal Linda Hill hands me this shirt. “I saw this shirt and thought of you Mr. Portelos… since you are such a techy” she stated. I thanked her, cracked a joke about it and took it home. I sit and think no how it’s so strange… What happened to us My wife remembers getting calls from Principal Hill apologizing for keeping me so late at school. Now I inquire about school finances and get disciplined for staying 37 minutes too late. I used to open the doors to my house and have the whole staff over for a Pot Luck Dinner and BBQs including Principal Hill, AP Diacomanolis and AP Aguirre. Sometimes I come across pictures during a 17,000 picture slideshow on my Flat Screen and can see the staff members who have since thrown me under the bus. In one picture during my 31st Birthday I count 4 staff members and an assistant principal that all played a role in putting me in the Rubber Room. You are welcome…come back anytime. I Sometimes think that in the distant future we will be at my retirement party laughing about all this.

The conversation may go something like this….

Staff member: “Remember when you got nosy and asked about the budget back in 2011”

Principal Portelos: “Oh yeah and then they tried to destroy my career with the help of _______ [and I name 20 people].”

Staff member : “Yes, they still talk about how you went from Rubber Room to becoming Principal of Berta Dreyfus IS 49 a few years later. That was crazy….like a fired bus boy later becoming owner of a 5 star restaurant.”

Principal Portelos: “Well of course. Berta Dreyfus is my local community school. I didn’t know how to give up”

I know it is far fetched, but somewhere in a parallel universe things might go this way. Oh well back to this one now.

(I think this post might raise some questions about my sanity. I assure you I am sane, just a bit quirky)


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  1. I told you principal is in your future

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