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PS-IS-71R-LocFPPS IS 71 -September 2013


A year ago, I brought up a potential issue for our school. I submitted the topic to Susanne Abramowitz, who was the School Leadership Team person at the time. For those of you who know my story, you know that she later used me as a scapegoat in order to avoid being investigated for chancellor regulation violations. In any case, I knew that the enrollment numbers of our school had dropped significantly since Principal Hill took over and now a brand new state oftheart K-8 school was being built 1.6 miles away. It is set to open September 2013 and I have never seen anything built so quick. Now with our two school zones overlapping, I wonder where the parents will be sending their children.

I emailed Ms. Abramowitz that I want us to discuss the impact it will have to our school and wanted it on the January 2012 agenda. She conveniently left it out, but since I ampersistent, I made sure I brought it up myself during Open Agenda in February.

See below the excerpt of the SLT Minutes

V. Open Agenda

P.S. 71- Ms. Hill doesnt believe that will have much impact on our schools attendance.

OK, fine. She is the Principal and is not worried. Of course why she be worried, because she will not be the one excessed as our numbers drop even lower.


Now let’s fast forward to the District 31 Staten Island Community Education Council meeting held on May 7, 2012.


Excerpt from Superintendent Erminia Claudio’s report:

SUPERINTENDENTS REPORT ERMINIA CLAUDIO Two staff members from the DoE Office of Portfolio Development visited Superintendent Claudio this week; she took them on a drive past PS 16, PS 65, PS 71 (under construction), new PS 74 and the proposed PS 59 (former St. Peters Girls HS) site, so that they could see for themselves the geographic layout of Staten Island, including the lack of sidewalks in certain areas. Hopefully they will take this information back to Tweed and keep it in mind when determining where to site new schools in our district.

IS 49 will lose students when the new PS 71 opens because the new school will cover part of the IS 49 zoned area.

I guess time will tell, but how do you think this graph below will look If we are under utilized now, I wonder what will be done of the extra space Maybe they will squeeze in another school. We know what Staten Island thinks of Co-Located schools.

Berta Dreyfus Enrollment Drop

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