The 33rd Allegation Made Against Me by @nycschools

It appears as though, the new administration has not flushed out any of the attorneys that run the NYC Department of Education yet. Their poor decisions have negatively affected the lives of countless educators and students. They hide behind the curtain of “DOE Legal”, rarely having their named mentioned. They have pulled puppet strings from afar and dodged lawsuit after lawsuit.

Now they pulled some more strings. I’m out of the classroom over 683 days. I’m expecting a favorable decision soon that can place me back in front of students. “Portelos can’t win! We have law degrees dammit!” they probably cry out from their dismal cubicles at Chambers Street and Queens Plaza North. In a desperate attempt to prevent me, a whistleblower, from educating youth they have now initiated a new allegation. A 33rd allegation to be added to this graph of retaliation:

This latest allegation might actually take the cake as the most ridiculous out of all the rest. Instead of heading to SCI, who had unsubstantiated over 29 allegations against me, this time they went to the NYPD. I’m heading there now, Monday morning March 10, 2014.

I’m scheduling this post to appear in the afternoon. If I’m not available or able to prevent it from posting, that probably means I’m being held in custody.

In other words, if you are reading this, I’m more likely than not in police custody.

For what

Apparently this satirical post:

How to “Hack” the DOE Payroll Portal and Give Yourself a Raise

More later…

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  1. We are behind you. Eventually the truth is going to come out

  2. TeachmyclassMrMayor(andyoutooMrMulgrew)

    Tell them you were just testing inBloom’s “cloud security”.

  3. Francesco…

    The whole (NYC education) world is watching. And lots of educators, corruption-fighters , civil libertarians, government watchdogs and whistleblowers from around the country as well.

    They know this. I suspect they are afraid of this fact. (It is absolutely the LAST thing they want: public attention followed closely by *scrutiny*.) Perhaps even panicked. If they jail you… or try to… it may be an indication of exactly how panicked they are.

    Keep us in the loop.


  4. As always, amazed at your tenacity. I am delighted you are exposing the entire investigative process against teachers as a tool for vindictive principals. Since it was created, investigators are never looking for the truth but rather to get the teacher. The whole idea behind sitting for so long is to break you down. You have proven to be beyond strong in this regard. I never wanted to spend so much time documenting everything being I was spending all my energy lessen planning and doing my best to on every day in the classroom.

    Bloomberg created the Leadership Academy mentality in the system where administrators become CEO’s rather than partners with teachers and is why mayoral control has proven to bring way too much politics into the schools. I too am following and wishing you the best.

    One last point. When you are found to be innocent of every charge they have brought against you, they will find some reason not to send you back to your original school. I hope I am wrong.

  5. Unbelievable! I’m praying for.

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