Surprise! Co-Locating a High School into our Middle School

Below is an Excerpt from Principal Linda Hill’s email to staff. Using email to break this news is like girlfriend breaking up via text.


The other unexpected but interesting news that I received last week is that the DOE is planning to post a proposal to open and co-locate a new district High School in our building beginning in the Fall of 2014.  The proposed new school would open with 9th grade students and add 1 grade each year until it reaches full scale with an approximate enrollment of about 350-400 students.  A co-location means that two or more school organizations are located in the same building and may share common spaces like auditoriums, gymnasiums, and cafeterias.  I was assured that the proposed co-location is not expected to impact current or future student enrollment or instructional programming at IS 49.


The exact school model is still TBD but it will potentially have a Career and Technical Education (CTE) component and will add a high-quality High School option on Staten Island.  CTE programs offered in high schools are developed in response to future employment opportunities and the potential for career growth in New York City.  Currently, CTE programs are offered in fields ranging from aviation technology and culinary arts to emergency management and multimedia production.

The proposal will be posted as an Educational Impact Statement (EIS) on the DOE web site in the late/summer and will be available at the school as well. The EIS will address the specifics of the proposal.

There will be a Joint Public Hearing held at the school after the proposal is posted where the public can give feedback regarding the proposal. A dedicated phone and email line will also be available for public comment.

The DOE anticipates that the Panel for Educational Policy will vote on the proposal in October.

This is just what is says a proposal.  After discussions with the Superintendent, our Network Leader, and our Councilwoman Debbi Rose, we are debating the pros and cons of such a proposal before anything is set in stone.  I will keep you informed as I find out more information.  FYI, I.S. 49 is not the only school in Staten Island for which the DOE made plans for co-located schools. 


  1. Not surprised Debi Rose is involved. Co-locations rarely go well for original school.

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