I’m not live streaming again because I’m insubordinate or defiant. I’m doing it because this case is still very open and I haven’t been told what policy or regulation I’m violating, if any.


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  1. Petulant comes to mind…what point does the video make that your blog hasn’t already I’m all for you, I loved the blog, but button pushing isn’t the way to get your way. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should – my grandmother

  2. I respectfully disagree with Mark. Button-pushing has gotten his issue noticed by news media. I see now that there are two more stories of people being “rubber-roomed”. Very few people can stand the heat-the DOE is no different. How can they justify blowing off $22 million a year-and LYING to the masses about eliminating their already-flawed system of Due Process!!


  3. I’m surprised you’re not using Siri (I assume you have an iPhone) to do voice to text blog updates. they certainly can’t take away your phone or set up a account and stream from your phone. Hang in there fight the good fight.

    • Hah…I’m an Android guy. I attempted to do some voice to text blogging, but with punctuation and other errors, it got a little messy. I’m working on mind to text next with AI technology.

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