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“Rubber Room” is the nickname that was given to enormous rooms, around NYC, where teachers were reassigned to pending investigations. I want to come out and sadly say that I too believed, before I was a teacher, that these people should be “fired” and not sit and collect our tax dollars. Wow, I feel horrible and am sorry. I felt thisideologywas wrong before I was sent to one. How could I ever imagine that there was a modern day Salem Witch Trial in progress within education. What about the students

In 2010 they “supposedly” closed down all these so called Rubber Rooms:

They are now scattered around the city where reassigned educators are placed along with Children First Network office personnel. 6 people could be in an elevator, going to different floors, and no one would know who is who and how many of the 6 are Rubber Room teachers. Brilliant idea. My hats off to you! Brilliant!

According to DOE officials there are currently 220+ reassigned teachers. All of them start of on the 12th floor 51 Chambers Street. Also known as the Rubber Hub. They are urged to comment below and share their experiences.

Here is a list that we are forming.

Location: 8201 Rockaway Blvd. Queens, NY Approximately 13. Longest one there from January.

Location: 4360 Broadway in Manhattan. As of end of June, 2 were sitting, including an AP.

This network office is located in PS 48. Ironic how those deemed “dangerous” to schools and students are mingling with such.”

Location:335 Adams Street, Brooklyn Numbers Unknown
Location:333 7th Avenue, Manhattan Numbers Unknown
Source: Betsy Combier

Location:131 Livingston Street, Brooklyn Approximately 7

Location:5600 Flatlands Avenue, BrooklynApproximately 7

Location:65 Court St., Brooklyn Numbers unknown

Location: Petrides Center, Staten Island Approximately 6

Email me, or to register location and approximate number. Try and give info such as Phys Ed, Male, Female, Close to retirement etc. No names will be published.


  1. 131 Livingston Street

    5600 Flatlands Avenue (this use to be the Region 6 office). It’s open again, and where the infamous Erin Sayer is sitting.

  2. Yeah, ya know once your “excessed’ you’re never the same – and then you’re being jerked around and being kept in the dark. Some gig huh

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  4. I’m not from New York, but I completed my Teaching program (M ED) in 1 year with honors, and ran into the small town educational establishment. After reporting several members of the football team for smoking pot in the weight room, and reporting the principal’s nephew and son, I was placed on a ‘Plan of Assistance’, and non-renewed. I went on to teach as a substitute for several years, was a teachers’ aid in the state juvenile institution and in the Charter Schools (lost that job when I reported 9 teachers and my boss for not being certified to teach)…

    Beware, administration will tend to hold two or more files on you. One will be your official ‘Personnel File’; while the others are ‘working files’ and will be held in the admin office, Personnel Director’s office, and by the Principal. When you or the union ask for your ‘Personnel File’, that is what you will get. You have to ask for the ‘working files’ (and they might have another special name for them), and will research in all documentation for what these other files are called, and who has them (by references in the Personnel file or disciplinary letters).

    As most of you likely know, a ‘Plan of Assistance’ (POA) generally is worded carefully so as to become a ‘Plan of termination’. The only defense is to document everything. Tape record or transcribe the statements in POA meetings, and enter them into the record.

    Long story short, I’ve been through this several times (in teaching, Civil Service, and Security), and if you choose to fight it, it will likely cost you your health, possibly your family, and your career. (Most recently, I’ve been suffering Atrial Fibrillation and hypertension — from the stress.)

    I’m glad to see you binding together. There is strength (and a combined intelligence) in numbers.

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