You might have read that before I was wrongfully exiled, my fellow robotics coach, Carol Obler, and I had award winning robotics teams. One team even won top design in NYC. After I was wrongfully exiled and stripped of my coaching position, fellow educational ally and robotics enthusiast, Norm Scott, asked me to coordinate the entire Staten Island’s qualifier.

So last year I did just that and I believe it was a successful event. This year I’m sad to say my award winning school, did not register any team. One more reason why wrongful exile hurts children. No more robotics and no more STEM.

I did acquire this email thread that shows a discussion from last year when the principal found out I was the SI coordinator:

Hill Robotics 1

To which the coach that took over for me responded:

Hill Robotics 2

What obstacle are they both referring to Me I would be an obstacle to students Is this why they didn’t register a team this year Sad, if true.

This year I’m coordinating the Staten Island Robotics qualifier again. We had some hiccups and couldn’t find a venue to host us at first. I even tried my school of IS 49. Principal Hill replied that I could indeed file a permit to have it hosted there, but I can’t enter the school myself to run it. Can you believe that Still no reason given. This response was a violation of Chancellor’s Regulation D-180 on extended building use, because any permit obtained can’t be exclusive and bar anyone. In any case, I sent that email to my attorney for our federal lawsuit file. Blocking me as a member of the public too A bad move by DOE legal again. Is Carmen Faria going to make changes to the Senior Field Counsel as well

We wound up finding a great venue and will be hosted at New Dorp High School this Saturday February 8, 2014.

Anyone feel like coming to volunteer  Information below: Please contact me.


Additional Information Here:

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