Pulling the “Educator Fights Back” Blog Out of Retirement

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I haven’t written a blog post here in over a year, and only two posts in the last two years. However, something has been brewing lately, and members in the DOE have decided to poke at the beehive. Now, there is going to be some stinging. This parent isn’t messing around and now has a bigger megaphone.

Coming Soon: There will be posts and exposes, emails and investigations. I’ll be naming names of those who ignored issues at a public school and making connections to those who protected wrongdoers. This parent takes attacks against his family, colleagues, students and career very seriously.

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I tried fixing my kids’ school quietly, but they decided to launch several frivolous investigations against me and the DOE attorneys jumped at the chance to take another swing at me.

Now, while I teach STEM in a middle school with one hand, I have to fight the fight that never ends with the other.

Spoiler Alert: There’s an egotistical elementary school principal, Paul Martuccio, unethical DOE attorneys, district and central personnel that turned a blind eye to misconduct in a public school, audio recordings that contradict official employee write-ups and a lot more. They are bringing me back out of retirement, so I will be pulling the curtain even further back this time and giving the play by play here.

Stay tuned….

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  1. Good luck!

  2. What is going on?

  3. Welcome back!

  4. Good for you Francesco!! We got your back!

  5. Go Francesco! Yes, it’s a never-ending battle!

    I’ll stay tuned.


  6. What were they thinking? Did this Paul Martuccio not know who you were?

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