Organizing ATRs. Citywide ATR Meeting November 11th

I was just at another UFT Executive Board meeting at 52 Broadway. John Silvers,  veteran teacher and fellow ATR, came and spoke. He shared our frustration about the many teachers who teach out of license,  when highly qualified teachers are rotating in the Absent Teacher Reserve pool.

I myself received a FOIL request yesterday that gave me the name of the teacher who was hired for a middle school science position I applied for instead of me.  Spoiler alert… They don’t have a science license (nor an engineering degree).


We are organizing the ATRs. We will hold elections for a new ATR coalition and then approach the UFT to be a functional chapter like all these others

Please share widely and tell every ATR you know.


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  1. Imagine for a moment the following scenario “based on a true story.”

    There once was a hospital in New York City in which one of the hospital’s most qualified and respected Doctors discovered that massive amounts of funds were being embezzled by a highly placed Administrator at the hospital.

    The physician attempted to expose the criminal acts of which he had first hand evidence and knowledge and his reward for his efforts to do the right thing were that the entire NYC Hospital system came down after the physician with a vengeance.

    He was brought up on totally bogus and knowingly fabricated charges with the intention of putting the Doctor on public Trial, having his License to practice Medicine revoked and driving him out of the Medical profession.

    As it turned out the system failed in its despicable attempt to destroy the physician’s career immediately, but he was removed from his original Hospital and turned into a substituting physician to fill in whenever other physicians were temporarily indisposed.

    As it happened there was a hospital that had an emergency situation where a physician with this doctor’s special skills was needed to perform a highly complicated medical procedure for which no other similarly qualified physician was available.

    But rather than allow the Doctor who had become a “Persona Non Grata” to perform the operation, another physician who lacked the proper credentials was appointed to perform the operation and the critically ill patient died on the operating table.

    You were, Francesco Portelos, in a very real sense- that Doctor.

    Be sure your Attorneys add this hideous miscarriage of Justice to your Federal Lawsuits.

    It reflects once again just how corrupt and monumentally vindictive is the NYC Dept. of Education which would deny young children the opportunity to study Science with an Educator of your incredible stature simply for the purpose of continuing to wreak havoc and revenge upon your career for becoming a Whistle-blower and reporting corruption- something you are Legally Mandated and required to do.

    I trust your Attorneys are already at work preparing the necessary documents for the
    immediate attention of the Federal Court as well as the United Federation of Teachers which has a fiduciary responsibility to address this latest clearly illegal and punitive action perpetrated against you.

    Once again we are presented here with clear proof, as though any more were required, that for that corrupt to the core, 24 billion dollar entity euphemistically known as the NYC Dept. of Education- the City’s mostly at risk, economically deprived children will always come dead last.

    In addition it is imperative that your various legal cases pursue not only the system as a whole but also all the various perpetrators- individually, for substantial personal financial Damages.

    This is the one language they will understand- sad specimens of humanity that they are and will forever remain- failed human beings all.

    God speed and carry on this fight for Justice, both for yourself, all the Nation’s many dedicated Educators, as well as the millions of innocent American children, Black, White, Brown and Purple, -who were not born with a Silver Spoon in their mouth.

    David Pakter

  2. There should be a lawsuit against the DOE for taking away the opportunity for children to learn from licensed teachers who know the subject area. Shame on the DOE who sends blanket emails for ATRs to interview for jobs they are not certified to teach, then NOT send emails about job fairs.

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