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Live Streaming to Expose the Rubber Room

Coverage of Arbitrary and Capricious Exile to “Rubber Room”

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Exiled teacher elected to be union chapter chair at Dreyfus Intermediate

NY Teacher Newspaper: Play, Pause, Rewind Learning works for all -by Francesco Portelos

NY1 News: Mr. Portelos’ class at amazing new community center – Gerard Carter Community Center goes high-tech

NY Post -Staten Island Teachers retrieve missing iPhone

Ed Notes Online:Francesco Portelos: Teacher Under Assault by Principal

Rubber Room Reporter

NY Post -Teachers bouncing off Rubber Closets

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  1. I just dont understand there is no justice when a kid at 12 can pick up a desk and throw at a teacher and you fire the teacher that make no sence. The kid can kill someone he or she should go to jail. In my day we would be taken out of school. My father would beat my butt red. If I was the teacher I would have a law suit.

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