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Dear fellow UFT members,
I hope you and your loved ones are safe. I’m putting this quick page together so we can share our approvals and denials with respect to the Appeal Form put out by the DOE. The buzz around Twitter and Facebook is that many of us are having trouble getting into work today, Friday November 2nd, 2012, and are losing a sick day. Staff who made it in are reporting that they were bounced from site to site and at final destination are doing lesson plans or just sitting around. Gas is scarce and evacuees really could have used our help instead.

Fill out this form for days you could not make it in. Please post comments about reasons and then follow up when you hear a decision.

CLICK HERE FOR APPEAL-Remember to send a copy to your payroll secretary.

There is also the UFT Urgent Assistance form for members who have suffered losses.

Please consider donating to the UFT Disaster Relief Fund

Please follow@Occupysandyfor information on donations and volunteering:
Occupy Sandy


Official Occupy Sandy Relief NYC. Bringing updates on Volunteer Opportunities, Donation drop off locations, and current on the ground updates

New York

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  1. No gas. Commute via public transportation would have been 2hrs 42 minutes.

  2. tried but couldn’t get gas. too dangerous w all fallen trees

  3. no gas, no one to watch kids and big tree fell on my property

  4. Thank you Mr. Portelos for setting up this site. Wish you were my technology teacher.

    I am retired from teaching now, but my Degree is in Environmental Health Science. For the past 25 years, climatologists have argued NYC was overdue for a storm and storm surge of this magnitude. Global warming only increases the likelihood storms like this will occur more frequently and with greater intensity.

    Yet after 25 years of conferences, studies and recommendations for pro-active government responses, really, the political class. Republicans and Democrats have done virtually nothing.

    Prima Facie evidence, the new South Ferry Station, the one salt water poured into until it was lapping up to the top steps I like the entrance way to Davey Jones locker. If any station in NYC should have been built to flood resistance it is this one. Nor should the Mayor who wraps himself in the mantle of environmentalist be spared.

    Storms are like Sandy are natural disasters, sure. But the tragic losses of the past week, in lives and properties are man-made. Like the leaders of a developing country wallowing in indifference and indecision the political leaders in our Industrial and Financial Capitalist state wasted 25 years of warnings and solutions provided by Engineers, Scientists and activists doing nothing. Time for the press to stop giving hero awards to politicians like the Mayor and Governor and celebrate first responders and people like the teacher volunteers, nurses and others who manned the evacuation centers.

    Global warming is a real threat and yet throughout the world, governments, led by the representatives of financial Capital are sitting on their hands watching the mercury rise whiile doing “nada” because they don’t want to put a dent on their profits. What this means for the rest of us is increased burning of fossil fuels and a rise in Carbon Dioxide levels in the atmosphere. Nor is that all. As temperatures rise Methane currently locked in to the frozen tundra of the high Northern and Southern latitudes is sublimating into the air and Methane is an even more potent global warming gas than the others.

    Like Nero fiddling while Rome burns, the political class is doing nothing much.

    Except perhaps trying to discipline, intimdate working-class people and obfuscate (veil) the problem. This issue of having to appeal not arriving at work last week is a good instance to review. The once vaunted NYC transportation system began to function again late last week. And while many of us, particularly those who live in the outer boroughs were without heat, electricity or a place (schools) for our children to attend, the DOE hounds were baying, and beginning to point the blamle at “feckless” teachers unwilling to walk from Brookyn to Manhattan

    Glad there is an appeal process, but the folks at DOE owe us a thousand pardons. For every staff member who could not show up, I’ll be more were doing what they can and where they could to help students, parents and other community members get through the nightmare left behind as a result of horrendous planning mistakes going back 25 years and more.

    Speaking of MORE, the Movement of Rank and File Educators, please take a trip to the website, see what we are all about and join us as we journey to a Teacher Spring. Ever since the first time the tale of Persphone was told in greek (or whatever language it or a similar tale was first told) Spring has been a time for hope and renewal. Help us drive the “UNITY” Kleptocrats” from their positions of power. They’ve constructed a system of “ownership” of the UFT that will make this a difficult task, but not insurmountable. What we need is you to join us. Check out the website at and start a MORE chapter at your school. We don’t aim to replace the UFT, we aim to get real teachers, not “pie-cards” double dipping for a second pension, or soon to be millionaires like Mulgrew (get a load of his salary structure when you can), in leadership, real teachers like you.

    On a personal note, my partner, a Nursing teacher at Clara Barton High School put in over 70 hours as a nurse this week at Wadleigh high school where an evacuation cente was set up last week. As I mentioned above, teachers and other workers were sticking fingers in poorly designed “dikes” throughout New York last week.

    The working class came through in this crisis, they deserve better leadership and more power to handle the next crisis. In fact they deserve to lead and have the Political Class step down.

  5. This is exactly what I told them: “Being that I live near Far Rockaway, my family and I have been helping those without power, food, and shelter. My commute to work in the Bronx from Queens usually takes me 2 hours. With the MTA complications it would take me much more time. I think my time would be better spent continuing to help those dealing with devestation than in a commute to and from the Bronx.”
    I think it’s ridiculous of them to expect me or anyone to spend 6-8 hours a day commuting. Especially when I using that time to help those in need.

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  7. Like a poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay about some future generation visiting the excavated remnants of Wall St. as a curiosity and wondering what it was that the prior primitive society did in those environs. Now the question is will there be some future civilization to even pick over the ruins of our own making on this planet, on this continent, on this island we have enshrined to the false idol we call WEALTH and that shall be our own demise. Freud had it right there are only two needs love and work–so protect the former and let’s all pitch in together to work to reclaim the losses. So yes put in the Appeals, fight the bastards and their false god, but do not let it gnaw at you, enjoy the fight and enjoy the win!

  8. Any news on this yet or when we will know whether we get back our sick day lost

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