Former DOE Investigator Now Works as a Consultant for Hire

The office of Special Commissioner of Investigation (SCI) puts out a yearly report on their statistics. They receive over 6,000 complaints a year. Although the DOE Office of Special Investigations (OSI) does not put out such a report, we can assume that they also receive thousands of complaints. Some of their complaints are referred over from SCI as well.

There have been prior reports and news articles where OSI investigations have been somewhat fraudulent, and/or inaccurate. If you have found yourself the subject of such a complaint, you now have a new friend. A former investigator has opened up a consulting business where you can hire her to review your case and she can come in and testify at your hearing as well.

Iuliana Celik

Investigative Consultant

Telephone: 914-646-0900

Contact her, or have your attorney contact her, for pricing.

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