Finally! David Brodsky finally leaves the New York City Department of Education .

After almost a decade of attacks on our members, denials of 98% of member grievances for contract violations, barring parents and the public from School Leadership Team meetings, and discontinuing and terminating countless innocent educators, the Director of Labor Relations of the New York City Department of Education has left the building. Good bye David Brodsky, Esq. We still have a lot of cleaning up to do since Mayor Bloomberg left, but maybe we can start moving forward now. Bloomberg’s leftovers.



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  1. Good, I’m happy that Brodski has left the building , but there is more work to be done! now they have to go after the Bloomberg Principals!

  2. I agree with Robert Bloomberg Principals need to go

    • Let’s PLEASE not replace these inept principals with CFN leftovers. As ex- CFN employees begin to fill our local superintendents’ offices, less engagement with parents has begun. With the expanding staff at the district offices, meeting with our district superintendents has become virtually unattainable.

  3. My wife was just intimidated into a forced retirement at a 3020a hearing because her principal was able to line up manufactured witnesses whose lies would be difficult to rebut (and the arbitrator would not even allow rebuttals). This principal is a graduate of the “Leadership” Academy – She is good at one thing – destroying teachers. Her educational expertise appears to be non-existent. I hope she is one of those Bloomberg principals that goes next.

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