Be Careful Hiring Contractor/Painter Marco Casiano

Corruption and greed come in different sizes. From giant corporations to small men like Marco Casiano. He alleges that he’s a contractor and truth be told he’s been to my properties a few times to paint. However, recently Marco Casiano took a down payment for material and decided to keep the money and not do any of the work. Then this gentleman decided to block my number as if that’s gonna make me go away.

I last met Marco with his wife Bettie Luanne Buie and her kids at Home Depot before my family and I left town for a trip. Not to leave Marco Casiano hanging with a bill until I return, I handed him and his wife a significant amount of cash to get started. The last thing I expected was months of his poor attitude and horrible excuses.

Marco Casiano Buie

Marco Casiano Buie

Careful hiring. Hope you see this before you even have him give you a quote.

I have found and called their family members online. One aunt of Bettie Luanne wrote back “I’m not surprised. I heard he was no good.”

Bettie went as far as to tell members that her husband doesn’t owe me anything.

Bettie Luanne Buie Casiano

Bettie Luanne Buie Casiano

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  1. I also hired Marco and had dealing with his wife Betty …. Marco phsycally beats his wife I saw this on numerous accusations. He was also Supposed Do do work for my family he never did it making up every excuse in the book. MARCO CASINO is a sociopath who on the surface shows a genuine care for you but underneath the facade he is a con artist thief and a liar women beater …. he and his wife threatened my life and my mothers life on many accasiotion….. just because we confronted him about doing work that he was supposed to do but never did that man and his wife are sick do not hire him do not trust him…do not left him in your house warn the world about Marco and his wife. Betty

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