A Video of the Most Naive Teacher

Whilst working on my federal lawsuit, I came across this old video I took of myself teaching in 2011. This was before I spoke up. Before the rubber room. Before false arrest. Before I knew anything but working hard and teaching.

The way I set up my class I screen recorded all my lessons so students would come in and watch, pause and follow the lesson at their own pace. I also uploaded all lessons on my site. This helped students catch up at home and I later found that parents and siblings were also learning.

My teaching methods were praised by my administration and school community and featured in the NY Teacher newspaper.

Play, Pause and Rewind learning works for all

What’s interesting about this video is that I watch it and look at the most naive teacher. I mean look at this guy.

Fight for public education What’s that Why

Union Who needs it

Corruption In our schools Not possible. This is all about the kids


Mr. Portelos using a Wii controller for largest interactive board.

Now that I know the system, I look at this video and think…

“How many other naive educators are out there How many potential whistleblowers How many teachers who think that if they just teach and cross their “Ts” and dot their “Is” they’ll be ok So what that their weekends are spent filling out unnecessary paperwork How would a Danielson evaluation work here What Common Core aligned standard exists here

Have you ever read the “Docile Educator vs the Badass One

If anything I hope this site educated educators and the public. For those of you in NYC who want to take a more proactive role in defending yourselves and your union brothers and sisters join DTOE.organd Solidaritycaucus.org

Be naive no more!

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  1. Thank you Francesco, it’s funny, I recently had that conversation with a former colleague. What was I thinking, why didn’t I see the signs!!! I once had a principal tell me that my standards were too high and perhaps I’d be happier teaching somewhere else!!! I remember having a puzzled look on my face because I couldn’t grasp WHY a principal would NOT want a teacher who wrote grants and got FREE programs for my students through various community outreach connections (for 5 years straight). I too, thought it was about the kids, but I learned it’s about egos and the abuse and misuse of power. Nonetheless, as an “Ambassador Teacher on Rotation”, I will continue to keep my standards high and I will continue sharing your blog with other naive teachers. The fight continues ….

  2. October 2013…The principal said to me “Ms. X, you’re too strict….I don’t know, maybe you take your job too seriously”…I stood in bewilderment…a deer in headlight…blank stare for almost 30 seconds…initially not knowing how to respond. Once the haze cleared…I politely said “yes I take my job seriously…Have a good day”…and quickly walked away…The freaking lady was then and is still bizarre. My punishment for being strict and taking my job “too” seriously, being charged with verbal abuse in February 2014. Mind you a student cursed me out in October and I wrote it up and told her to go the AP..we didn’t have a dean. I got charged with verbal abuse for that. According to the report, I told the student to “leave the room”. As a result the student said I made her feel embarrassed and isolated. It was unsubstantiated….but what an ordeal…

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