What the DOE can do to vocal and veteran teachers. It can happen to you.

Did I say “document” If I didn’t then let me say it again….”DOCUMENT!” Here is a version of our Educator Survival Guide you should read (uftsolidarity.org/guide) if you haven’t already.

Recently, there has been activity in my Federal lawsuit against NYC, the DOE and others. It appears as though there is an extremely great chance that Portelos v NYC, DOE, Dennis Walcott, Principal Linda Hill and Superintendent Erminia Claudio 12 CV 3141 will be going to trial in August 2016. The City and DOE are represented by Corporation Counsel attorneys Jessica Giambrone, Esq. and Cynthia Fain, Esq.. Not mentioned, but definitely working in the background, are Robin Singer, Esq. and probably Judy Nathan, Esq. I am not sure if Marisol Vazquez, Esq is still in the system. There are others, but I am going to let them think I don’t know they are involved until later.The City, in attempt to grasp at straws, is really stretching.In any case, more about my federal case and parties involved another time.

This means that a lot of information had to be sorted and extracted from my digital arsenal to prepare. By the way, my folder, where I began documenting everything, has exceeded 12 GB and has over 3,190 files in it.While sorting and extracting for a Joint Pre Trial Order, I came across some interesting videos I almost forgot I created. I decided to mash them together and share. It’s about ten minutes, but I believe it is worth it for anyone who has been, is, or will be attacked for being vocal or too old (expensive).

I spent two years in the Rubber Room. You think it was with pedophiles No, it was with veteran teachers and UFT chapter leaders and delegates. The mainstream media and the UFT won’t share that. The UFT won’t post it in the NY Teacher newspaper. Why would they They are a “company union.

Watch and share. Fight a corruptsystem, but you will needpatience andfortitude. It also helps to have a strong union, so if you’re a UFT member, look for your ballot in the mail and check off all candidates with “Solidarity.uft2016.com

The DOE’s Method of Getting Rid of Whistleblowers and Expensive Teachers from UFT Solidarity on Vimeo.

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