What Happens When Goliath Hides

Goliath is Hiding

Goliath is Hiding

A sitting duck. That’s what I felt like when this story first started to unfold.

Actually looking back now I think it was a David versus Goliath situation except I had no sling and no stones. In fact, I think I was blindfolded so I really was a super underdog. Goliath took aim at me, my family and my career. I was lucky enough to get a sense that his swing was coming and I dodged it. I then took off the blindfold and used that as my sling (created www.protectportelos.org). I kicked up some sand in Goliath’s eye and it slowed him down. It didn’t stop him though, but he started to realize this wasn’t going to be as easy.

Fast forward over two years later and Goliath is now hiding. My sling is my smartphone and my website…Twitter and Facebook..the texts and calls from other “Davids.”

Goliath is hiding:

  1. NYC DOE FOIL requests are being unnecessarily delayed and denied.
  2. Documents, like the CEP signature page, cannot be found, even though it’s supposed to be in the principal’s office.Friday the 13th Exactly Two Years Since I First Raised Issues at SLT
  3. Investigators who had no problem interrogating my father in law, mother in law and wife didn’t come to me. They broke protocol and instead they called my attorney…”May we speak to him and ask him some questions.”
  4. When I went to SCI to speak to them I went with no attorney and yet the investigator who went around trying to speak to my family, was not at the meeting. He was on the 20th floor, but not in the meeting with me.
  5. Case after case is whitewashed by SCI, OSI and OEO. The double-dipping case against Principal Hill is now open for 747 daysBREAKING NEWS: Case 12-533 of Financial Misconduct is Finally Closed & Under Review
  6. I am allowed in any of the 1,800 schools within the NYC DOE system, except one…the one I am union chapter leader of.Exiled teacher elected to be unionchapterchair at Staten Island’s…
  7. My union president has not responded to over 46 emails in over two years and even walked away from me when I just said my name.Mikey MulgrewWhere are You
  8. Greg Bowen, Deputy Network Leader of CFN 604 had no problem lying with Superintendent Claudio about my behavior at Petrides in order to exile me 20 miles away, but when I called to question him, he stuttered and said “umm I wasn’t involved in anything…” I FOILed his personnel record and one of the days he claimed I was wandering, he wasn’t even in the building.Angela, Who Is Greg Bowen And Why Is He So Concerned With Printer Ink Levels
  9. Who is Donald Conyers AnywayDid David Brodsky put him up to this
  10. The lawyers at Senior Field Counsel and Tweed. Nameless and faceless…going after teachers from behind the scenes and behind the curtains.NYC Educators Meet DOE Legal
  11. Recently, NYC Corporation Counsel has been purposely and strategically delaying our discovery requests in order to prevent any additional evidence from going on record before my termination hearing ends tomorrow. Well played Ms. Jessica Giambrone….well played.Not So Fast Former Chancellor Walcott

Tomorrow is the supposedly the last day of of my 3020-a termination hearing. 21 days. 21 days and over 3300 pages of transcripts. Just the transcripts and court reporting alone has cost the taxpayers over $11,000.

To all the other “Davids” out there….you are not alone. Join DTOE by emailing a blank message to dtoe+subscribe@googlegroups.com. Also join MORE, the Movement of Rank-and-file Educators. www.morecaucusnyc.org

We are also in the process of scheduling our second Don’t Tread on Educators event for March. More information on the way.



By the way…did you know the below two images are extremely violent according to some attroneys


300 Portelos

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