The 2016 UFT Election Campaign Continues – Visiting Schools Via Webcam

Remember that time I had to lead my chapter from exile because I was sent two boroughs away No C’mon remember when, with the help of my corrupt former chapter leader Richard Candia, I was sent to sit in a basement with two gated windows and I was elected chapter leader Well, anyway it happened and the DOE tried everything to stop me from leading and supporting that chapter. Part of my reason for currently running for UFT President ( is because the UFT does not back chapter leaders and many other attacks on their members.

In any case, I picked up a few tricks along the way. I was not allowed to be physically in thebuilding of IS 49, so I would pull up by theschool in Staten Island early and run meetings out of my trunk with donuts and coffee. Then I would hightail it to Queens to my solitary confinement. Whenit got cold though, I had to get creative.

I started holding meetings via Skype while I used my laptop or phone and the staff watched and communicated with me via a projector screen at school.

Recently UFT Solidarity, began getting requests from chapter leaders to come speak at their school. Now I, and almost all the other UFT Solidarity candidates are actively working. This makes visiting schools during school time almost impossible. But it is 2015, so we have made arrangements with staff to have virtual visits like the one below. During our lunch (candidate and school staff) we set this up and it has worked very well so far. Not ideal, but definitely efficient. The members want a change.

Virtual School Visits

Virtual School Visits

We received another request today. In case your school is interested, they can use the form below to make such a request.

Also, please help this growing grassroots movement by clicking this link and volunteering and/or printing our flyer and posting it at your school.

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