Unsatisfactory Teacher Part 1- The Birth of this Evaluation

In this series we are going to place a spotlight on observations and how they are used as a tool to cause harm and not support teaching and learning. 

Today,  just take some time and watch this video that explains how we got to where we are.

Tune in this week as I describe how I was rated unsatisfactory while teaching Italian,  a language I don’t speak,  and unsatisfactory for a class with no support from my field supervisor Edele Williams. Yes, it’s September 29th and I was already rated unsatisfactory twice even though the paras,  parents and students love my class.

Read Part 2 here Edele Williams Takes a Swing

Stock up on popcorn!

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  1. Francesco Portelos

    September 29, 2014 at 7:37 pm
    They cant observe you while you are teaching out of license, if they do its null and void, nor can they give you a u rating overall at the end of the year based on such observations.

    They can do what they want. Who is going to enforce it The UFT leadership

  2. You will. By getting a hold of the uft rep in your school and telling him or her the rules. Don’t worry they are paper tigers these people that are observing you probably never taught a day in their life. They are doing this to demoralize you. Don’t buckle under. Take it with a smile and when the smoke clears you will win because; a) they can come into your room as many times as they please, but rendering it into writing as an official observation Nyet! Kill them with kindness and smile. Once they know they cant rattle you they will give up. Be Strong. Be warrior Strong.

  3. Hi Francisco, we have talked before. I have already had a formal observation. What has changed this year as an ATR is that the ATR AP can come into a class that you are subbing and do an informal observation. The ATR AP said that if the teacher leaves inferior emergency lesson plans that you should take out your lesson plans and teach the kids. My question is, can I legally get an unsatisfactory for that lesson Please explain.

    Thank you.

  4. I wonder how many other observations have been completed in that school and of these figures how many people have been evaluated twice. Sounds like they didn’t get the memo _ YOU BEAT THEM ALREADY!!! I guess these clowns want in on the fight and lawsuit. Keep up the fight and stay strong.

    • I asked. No one else. Ed, by September 16th I had two unsatisfactory observations. Two. Perhaps we should mention who this principal’s lawyer is. Seems like it is Robin Merrell Esq. Perhaps her, Marisol Vazquez Esq (Hill’s attorney) and Robin Singer Esq are pushing from behind the scenes. I’ll smoke them out if they are.

      • I wonder why the principal needs an attorney. Perhaps he is under investigation. If so,
        I wonder if there was a deal made with investigators that resulted in your being evaluated in such a disproportionate manner.to other teachers. If anyone can get the truth it will be you. Keep up the fight!!!!

  5. Observations are routinely used to punish teachers who speak their mind, ATR’s and regularly appointed. Tenure is no protection. Bogus (non-existent) observations by principals (dropping in for five minutes on a teacher’s class) are being claimed on rating sheets received by teachers in June. Unless there is a huge and dramatic outcry and action this will continue no matter what the union claims and how many different ways the chancellor plans to “rate” schools.

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