Karamoko Inniss – Uncertified instructors teaching our students in NYCDOE

It’s great that we have the arts after school, but why are these uncertified contractors like Karamoko Inniss hired to teach things like Art when there are Art teachers who are certified?

Karamoko Inniss uncertified artist

Karamoko Inniss uncertified artist

Karamoko Inniss is an artist who did not have formal teacher training, like tens of thousands of certified teachers teaching in the NYC Department of Education. While many certified art teachers are rotating inefficiently in the Absent Teacher Reserve pool, students in Karamoko Inniss’ school are left with art education through uncertified contracts after school. Does that make sense? Only financial sense as Karamoko Inniss gets paid peanuts compared to the average salary of the art teachers without a permanent position.

Hiring Non-Certified Teachers No Way to Address Teacher Shortage …

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