How to create a timeline if you are harassed at work

Document…document…document. I really can’t say that word enough.

UFT Solidarity support members and I continue to receive a large number of calls and emails pertaining to workplace bullying, retaliation and harassment.

I wanted to just share this quick post about a method I used. I first started by creating 3 columns in Excel, but then later switched to Google Sheets, as it was easier to open and autosave. I could also access it from different devices.

So, here it is. 3 simple columns.  DATE – DESCRIPTION – EVIDENCE

This is great, if you are going to sue and need to show a timeline for retaliation or defense.

3 columns on a spreadsheet, that are DOCUMENTED, can save your career.

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  1. Used this years ago! Works wonders in court and also is good for your own sanity.

  2. I got what you mean,saved to my bookmarks, very decent website. Mary Keefe Garlan

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