Termination Hearing UPDATE

We seemed to have reached the halfway point of my termination hearing or 3020-a. Today is 674 days since they took aim to fire me. I’m still here. I hope this encourages others to speak up and spreads hope. Fear not.

After twelve days, spanning three months, calling in over thirteen witnesses and over thirty documents, the NYC Department of Education Administrative Trials Unit rested their case today.

Now it’s our turn…defense… DE-FENSE!

We filed a motion to dismiss and went over every specification. My attorney opened with our defense and the day was over. We begin with our witnesses on December 12th, 18th and 20th. I have 22 listed, but need to make some cuts and add new ones. This means I will definitely outlast the current NYC DOE administration. Once they are replaced, they can follow from their new jobs. Assuming they find ones of course.

I hope Mayor Bill de Blasio does not disappoint, and reviews the very broken policies and agenda of 65 Court Street, Tweed and the 6th Floor slaughter house of the Office of Labor Relations at 49-51 Chambers Street. Many innocent educators were tortured there. David Brodsky should be the first to go. He’s been getting a lot of hits on my blog, so maybe he has his resume out there already.

I also hope the new mayor can open up the door again for the many, many innocent probationary teachers that have been discontinued without cause the last few years. I get about four to five new teachers a week who call me for guidance and advice. This witch hunt has to stop and the UFT needs to roll up its sleeves already. Enough. Mike Leroy Amy VPs Reps

Remember that my hearing is public and open. I want to thank all those who have attended and have been attending. Notably the guys from the Movement of Rank-and-file Educators (MORE) and Betsy Combier. Also all those who have been supporting from afar. Thank you.

The charges against me are here

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  1. WOW….I hope all goes well. I sent you an email a while ago. I hope you got it from msel20012aol.com.
    I’d appreciate your feed back on a few things.

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