[UPDATED] DOE’s Workplace Bullying Continues – My 33 Hours Behind Bars

I didn’t think that I would have to update my “Allegations Against Mr. Portelos” list again, but unfortunately I did. Those who have been working tirelessly to end my career hit a new low. A new allegation came in through the NYC Police Department, not the Special Commissioner of Investigation,… Continue reading

The Docile Educator vs The Badass One

DOCILE docile adjective 1.ready to accept control or instruction; submissive. “a cheap and docile workforce” Synonyms: submissive,unassertive Shhhh…quiet. We are in the habitat and age of the Docile Educator. Wait, before we get into the Docile Educator, let’s talk about what scientists have discovered about frogs. Scientists say that if… Continue reading