SLT Minutes

Where it all began… The School Leadership Team meetings.
Key points in RED below. (Minutes from March and April meetings have not been shared by chairperson yet.)
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Welcome and Sign In


Ms Abramowitz

Dr Candia

Ms Hill

Ms Harris

Ms Jensen

Ms Peterkin

Mr Portelos

Ms Steiner

Ms Vines-Monohan

Ms Wood

Reading of December Minutes

Read by Mrs. Abramowitz and accepted.

Old Business


Dissolving the academies will not take place. The consensus was that since everything is going well we will keep things as they are now. <- What was stated read by Susanne Abramowitz was “Dissolving the academies will not take place. The teachers all agreed to keep things the way they are.”

CEP Review

Ms Vines-Monohan brought up that we have data from sites like ARIS, but many staff members are not trained to efficiently utilize ARIS.Future PDs and lunch and learns will address this issue.

Typos will be fixed.

Additions will be made using suggestions from committee.

All goals have to be data driven.

Mr. Portelos brought up adding a fourth goal that would be aimed at addressing deficiencies for the remaining 70% of the schools population.

Further review will continue at the February meeting and when CEP is completed the committee will add their signatures. Staff can view it at that time.

New Business

Calendar dates

End of marking period is 1/27

Valentines Day Lollipop sale will begin February 1

Gown measurement is February 9

Report Cards February 16

Parent Teacher Conferences- day February 28

Family Night – change of date 5/18


GRP – General Response Protocol Pilot Program.

There are 3 types of emergency drills that we will be doing.

Evacuation Drills similar to Fire Drills

Shelter In Drills- when there are problems outside of school

Lock Downs- Intruders in the building

By next September all schools will have to follow the GRP protocol.

PD Day

The DOE declined the February 17 PD Day. There is the possibility of having 1/2 days split up throughout the months instead.

Valentines Day Dance

Possible theme of having students bringing their parents to the Valentines Day dance. This will encourage more parents (both Moms and Dads) to be more involved with their childrens activities along the line of Bring your Dads to School that was such a success.


Next meeting is February 7th






December 13, 2011


Attendance: Diane Monohan, Lori Wood, Eileen Jensen, Rich Candia, Francesco Portelos, Sherina Peterkin, Ada Harris, Susanne Abramowitz, Ruthie Jusino, Linda Hill

I. Welcome and Sign in

II. Reading of November minutes – accepted

III. Old Business –

Meeting dates for 2012:

January 10

February 7

March 13

April 3

May 8

June- time and place TBA

Senior Rings

Senior Pictures and 6th & 7th grade pictures

Quality Review- December 13-14

Toy drive – continues through 12/16

IV. New Business

DANA -update

There are reports that DANA students feel like they do not have to do any work because they are in the program.


Winter Concert – 12/21

Wagner College Basketball — attendance reward 385 students received letters and only 12 students went out on the court for perfect attendance.


CEP – SLT members feel that we speak about calendar events more than we do about the CEP. Our sole goal is to discuss the CEP as per chancellor regulations.

Members feel that we not only need to but have to take a more active role in the budget as well.


CEP – Outline of three goals for our CEP based on review of the data (three year trend) in ELA, the area where we did not make (AYP) adequate yearly progress in the ELL and SWD subgroups on our state School Annual Report. This year the CEP goals for I.S. 49 are:

(1) By June 2012, English Language Learners and Students with Disabilities student groups will demonstrate progress towards achieving state standards as measured by a 3% increase in those subgroups scoring at Level 3 & 4 on the NYS ELA assessment.

(2) 25% of the SWD and ELL students will show progress in the use of evidence to support researched based arguments for the DOE ELA Performance Task as measured by a 10% increased score of level 3 or 4 on written arguments across the curriculum, including the draft writing pieces that proceed the final argument piece.

(3) Staff, particularly, SWD staff, will look at CCLS and performance indicators to develop fair and accurate procedures for reporting on the achievement of Students With Disabilities that require modifications or accommodations. (a grading system)

V. Open Agenda

CFY has been going very well. We have had a high percentage of students showing up. CFY donated 10 computers to the school. SLT members have voted to have one go to the PTA.

-Ruthie Jusino needs someone to monitor the money on the night of the Winter Concert because she cannot make it.

-Job Training and Continuing Education will be on the first Friday in May.

-The topic of dissolving the academies was brought up. Instead we have the AP’s and guidance rotate with the same grades making a 7th grade AP and 8th grade AP the next year. We will discuss and work out kinks to possibly start in September.


Next Meeting: 1/10















  • DANA started and so far there are no 8th graders
  • Picture retake for yearbook on December 1ST
  • Quality review will be December 13-15, 2-3 members will walk around. Will need parents for interviews.
  • Shoveling for Seniors. Sign up with Ms. Abramowitz
  • Take emails from Blue Cards and compile a master parent email list.
  • What are BBucks redeemed for There was some concern about needing to use BBucks go outside for lunch. Kickoff Nov 29th



October 11, 2011




Ms. Hill

Ms. Abramowitz

Ms. Wood

Dr. Candia

Ms. Steiner

Ms. Peterkin

Ms. Monohan

Mr. Portelos

Ms. Harris

Ms. Lyons

I.Welcome and Sign in

II.Reading of September minutes -Approved

III.Old Business

IV.New Business

Student of the Month – Ms. Castell will be in charge as this is her menu item. Not enough teachers are submitting students names. Ms. Hill brought up having a rubric for SOTM.

Quality Review– December 13 – We need to go over the indicators they will be looking for.

CEP – Ms. Abramowitz brought up that possible day to meet may be in groups on 11/8 PD Day with parents. Possible idea is that departments talk about their section for collaborative effort.

Parent Points for Participation, Bring in Lunch Forms, Blue Cards, PTA, Chaperones

  • Redemption by Ms. Jusino:
    • Lunch with Ms. Hill- 5 Parent Points
    • Dreyfus Shirt- 5 Parent Points
    • Holiday Basket- 5 Parent Points
    • Bagel Breakfast- 3 Parent Points
    • Trip Voucher up to $10- 5 Parent Points
    • Supermarket Gift Card $10- 10 Parent Points
    • Possibly add a HW pass to the first PP


Family night– Theme Sports and Games

  • Possible Family Feud type games. Maybe Xbox or games connected to Cafeteria LCDs.


JIT Review– Did not seem representative of our school. Technology not integrated in class… phrase was surprising for us.


Parent Meetings / Workshops

ARIS Friday 9:30 10/14 and 10/17 at 4:45pm


HS Admissions

iLearn- Parents will be coming in to visit and see it at work with teachers.


V.Open Agenda

Report Cards

What do we do about Report Cards that are not picked up All reports are on ARIS for parents to see.

Title I Representative Report (Ms. Lyons):

Funds are available to make teachers highly qualified and attend courses.

Funds are available for Parent engagement and involvement. This represents 1% of Title I funds.

SES Provider Fair at 9:30 right after PTA meeting on 10/18 at Room 105

What can we do about students who are consistently late

Protocol is 3 lateness. Ms. Hill brought up that perhaps Ms. Leinenger, who is available, can push in to talk to classes who have persistently late students.





SEPTEMBER 13, 2011


Ms. Hill

Ms. Abramowitz

Ms. Wood

Ms. Jensen

Dr. Candia

Ms. Steiner

Ms. Peterkin

Ms. Monohan

Ms. Jusino

Mr. Portelos

Ms. Harris


New Business

  • Introduced new member, Francesco Portelos
  • Looking through the By Laws it was found that if you miss 2 meetings in a row or 3 total you are asked to leave the SLT.
  • Parent Teacher conference was changed to November 17th and February 28th
  • Topic was brought up of how late is late for attendance to SLT meeting. Members decided to not count lateness but count attendance
  • SLT Meeting Dates
    • October 11
    • November 15
    • December 13
    • January 10
    • February 7
    • March 13
    • April 3
    • May 8
    • June TBA

Important Dates

  • Registration for SHSAT exam will be from Sept 14-Oct 12. 8th graders should see Ms. Kiritz
  • September 19th 8th Grade T-shirt signing begins in homeroom
  • September 20th Dads Take Your Child to School
  • September 22nd Senior Yearbook pictures -all periods
  • September 23rd 8th grade group picture 12
  • September 23rd Staff Group Picture for Yearbook
  • September 26th Baby Picture collection begins
  • October 1st Light the Night
  • October 6th Senior Ring sizing during lunch
  • October 7th Maybe a no student full day PD
  • October 13th Tentative date for High School Fair
  • October 16th Making Strides walk 9AM Clove Lakes Park
  • October 20th Renaissance Fair
  • October 26-28 PEEC Camping Fair
  • October 29 SHSAT

Open Agenda

  • SES Fair September 20th at 6:30PM at New Dorp HS
  • November 4th is the deadline for submitting of SES applications
    • No onsite SES provider yet
  • Computers for Youth Program
    • 3 Saturdays – December 3rd, December 10th, December 17th
    • Students from last year with no Internet access will not get it unless their cable bill is paid up.
  • ARIS and IEP Workshop for Parents in October
  • We received renewal for vMathLive
  • Ms. Hill brought up that the real goal of SLT is not to talk so much about dates, but to set goals for the school and attain them.
  • We are expected to have 934 students this year and that is what we need to maintain our budget. We are down to about 926 with some transfers. Deadline is October 31st.
  • We agree that we had a great start to the school year. Attributed to good feeling sent throughout by Flag Ceremony, Kiwanis Club School Bag Donation and overall same page feeling with Staff and Administration
  • DOE initiatives will start with one of six domains- Culture for Learning and Managing Student Behavior, Rigor of student work, using the same language for teachers, parents, and students, and Performance task completion
  • Class of 610 will be getting free online language learning with Power Speak
  • Class 810 will be doing iLearn program
  • School received bill for $30,000 for students who did not pay their lunch bills.
    • Ms. Steiner brought up sending more frequent bills
  • We will continue City Harvest, M&M, Chronic Absentee initiative, and collaboration with St.Johns
  • North Shore Hospital is offering Pint for Pie blood drive. Donate a pint and get a pie from Jimmy Max
  • September 15th starts Hispanic Heritage Month
  • JIT Review came in and it seemed as though they were not even talking about our school
  • We are scheduled for a Quality Review on December 12th.
  • School received $150,000 from Councilwoman Debbie Rose for a new Animation Lab
  • Chancellor made new rules about trips. Trip plan must be submitted and approved by Ms. Hill. Insurance papers from facility must be provided. All students need a permission slip signed. Phone calls to parents can not be used in lieu of slips.
  • We have 3 new Deans
    • Mr. Monohan- Medical Science and Tech
    • Mr. Bynum- Journalism Science and Tech
    • Mr. Ndzibah- Environmental Science and Tech
  • 37.5 Extended Day will be only Monday to Wednesday
  • Random Scanning will continue after orientation
  • A new program for giving bonuses for parental involvement Parent Points similar to Staff Stock and Berta Bucks
    • For attending PTA Meetings
    • For Filling Bluecards
    • For signing up to ARIS

Next meeting:

Tuesday, October 11

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