SCI Part 3- Principal, Playboy and NY Post…Oh My!

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This is Part 3 of’s series on the Office of the Special Commissioner of Investigation.

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Readers, I wish I was making this up. Really I do. I wish I made all of the things I shared here up. That is because if I did make it up then you can rest a little easier knowing that perhaps the educational neglect and taxpayer waste is not that vast. Unfortunately it is. It appears the hardworking taxpayers and the students are dead last on the agenda.

As you have probably read before, I have had over 30 allegations made about me. THIRTY. I write it in caps, just so you do not think that is a typo. The problem is not only that a handful of employees can make these ridiculous false allegations without being disciplined, but that agencies like SCI take them. How How can SCI Chief Investigator Thomas Fennell, Special Commissioner Richard Condon and Deputy Commissioner Regina Loughgran not laugh when all these allegations come in. Or maybe they do, but this case is job security for their inveestigators “Mr. Portelos walked by your classroom too often Yeah…we’ll investigate that.” or “Mr. Portelos made lights blink in classrooms Yeah we’ll investigate that too.”

Graph - Allegations against Mr. Portelos vs Time

Graph – Allegations against Mr. Portelos vs Time

Last month I was called into the SCI’s office to answer to two new investigations. One is shared inPart 2:A Tale of Two Videosandthe other is even crazier. Ready

Read these two allegations below from Principal Hill from April 2013:


“Anonymous” magazines being sent to the school.
Right after theSpring Recess Dr. Richard Candia and Suzanne Abramowitz (teachers who are currently being sued by Mr.
Portelos for “defamation of character”) and I started receiving magazine subscriptions GQ, Outdoor Life (a gun
magazine), La Cucina Italiana, and a Civil War figurine from the Bradford Exchanged valued at approximately
$100.00 (for Candia), a Danbury Mint order for “Always my daughter” diamond pendant valued at $100.00),
Grammar magazine, Arthritis Today magazine, Shape magazine, Women’s Health magazine, Good News –
Being Christian in a Muslim Middle Eastern World booklets (for Abramowitz), and 2 Playboy magazines for
me. The Playboy magazine are addressed to a “Richard Hill” and “Linda Candia.” – the first name of Dr.
Candia and my last name and then vise versa. To date the school has never received magazines or orders for
gifts of that nature. dr. Candia, Ms. Abramowitz and I strongly believe that Mr. Portelos has something to do
with the orders. We are calling the companies to see if we can get the order forms sent to us. Please advise.
Linda Hill


WAIT, There is more.


Just keeping you up to date. I think I had an aha moment and just put two and two together, although it is purespeculation. The New York Post has been delivered to my home for a little over two weeks now. At first Ithought that it was a promotional tactic from the Post to delivery the paper. However, as time went by, and thefact that teachers and I have been receiving unsolicited subscriptions of magazines and other artifacts recently, Icalled the NY Post to see what was going on. I was told by Customer Service that the subscription was an online order created by my son. I asked my son if he made any kind of order and he said absolutely not. I did notthink that he would order a newspaper that no one in the family would read. I asked customer service todocument all information pertaining to the order and send it to me. They (Post) were reluctant to provide theinformation but told me that they had my complaint on file.

Mr. Portelos has had several articles in the NY Post that denigrate my school and me. I think that he will beusing the Post as a venue to chronicle all of the upcoming lawsuits and complaints that Mr. Portelos has allegedagainst the DOE and me. I also believe that the mysterious deliveries of the Post to my home is connected tothe other subscriptions delivered to the school in my name and the only unchanging factor is the fact that Mr.Portelos is a disgruntled employee seeking intimidation, retaliation and revenge. I do not know how to provethat all of this was done by Mr. Portelos but I am very upset that my child’s name and my home address wasused in this latest misdeed.


Here are my thoughts:

  • First, I had nothing to do with any of those subscriptions.
  • There are many, many people out of the 110 person staff in that school that are not fans of the three employees getting subscriptions and perhaps one of them was involved.
  • I too received a subscription around that time in Spring of 2013 and it was sent to my house. It was MONEY Magazine. Not sure if it’s related, but I am not about to waste taxpayer money and call SCI about it. I called Money Magazine and cancelled it myself. They told me it was a service called MHRor something that subscribed me.
  • This is the second know allegation dealing with the United States Postal Service that SCI has taken on. The other was some letters sent to Richard Candia by mail. That was unsubstantiated. Why is SCI involved and not USPS OIG
  • I do not think that someone sent these in order to frame me. I just think someone is annoyed at what the school environment has become.
  • I think someone really responsible for this is reading this post and snickering. Not sure who and I have no idea.
  • Again SCI actually spent time and money to investigate this, but refused to investigate my allegations of test tampering, financial misconduct, P-Card fraud, Chancellor Regulation violations etc.
  • How can this even happen in this day and age Don’t they collect credit card information before they send magazines and “Civil War” figurines
  • If there is a roof leak…blame Portelos. The shrub outside of school died Blame Portelos.

Stay tuned… I raised concerns that caught a lot of people off guard. They will continue to waste taxpayer dollars and make frivolous allegations. If they really had anything on me. They would not have to throw more against the wall and hope something sticks.

More about my visit to 80 Maiden Lane (SCI) another time.

Update March 7, 2014:

I was cleared of this allegation as well.


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