Principal Linda Hill Pays $801 Restitution and Announces Her Retirement

Linda Hill retirement

My phone was abuzz today as messages started coming in. The messages wereinforming me that Principal Linda Hill made an announcement to the IS 49 staff that she will be retiring this June. “Are ya happy and excited” I was asked. The answer is “No.” Principal Hill will now continue to take the money she stole to through retirement.

You see, last week Principal Linda Hill sat on the witness stand just 8 feet from me at the NYS Public Relations Employment Board (PERB) and testified. She was engaged in double dipping, collected over $56,000 in overtime since at least 2009, was found guilty over a year ago, in the newspaper thelast month and she had to pay back….ready….$801.

I’ll write it out, in case you think that is a typo. Eight Hundred and One Dollars was therestitution she was required to pay.

Do you know what pension Principal Hill will be collecting after June 2015 An average of her past three years of salary including overtime. In other words Principal Linda Hill will continue to collect unearned money until her last day. So no, I’m not happy that a dozen agencies and politicians let this happen in full view of the taxpayers, students and parents.

See the spreadsheet below that shows that not only did she double dip, but was charging on Saturdays, days at dinner, days when she was sick, days when she was out of school on other trips etc. The taxpayer paid for Principal Hill to garden as well.


$801 I pay more than that in two months for a $10,000 fine that is deducted from my paycheck for speaking up about this issue.

All this above does not even include this audit report that indicates $40,000 in questionable billing.

Audit of IS 49

and questionable credit card charges from Principal Hill’s school credit card.

Next week I go to speak to investigators again who want to ask me questions.

Prediction: Principal Hill will continue to work for the DOE as an F-Status consultant of some sort. Perhaps even an ATR Field Supervisor or mentor to other principals. She was boasting about that a year ago.


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  1. Good riddance to bad garbage. But she did get away with murder. Unreal.
    Maybe the karma squad will catch up with her…no, DEFINITELY, they will. What goes around, comes back around. She will get hers….no doubt.
    But what kind of system allows her to escape What type of justice is THAT

  2. I guess they made her an offer she could refuse

  3. Let me re-phrase that I guess they made her an offer she couldn’t refuse

  4. How does one stop this blatant corruption when no one hears you

  5. Maybe we should all send FOIL requests just to get principals to treat us like human beings…

  6. She won’t have a happy retirement because what goes around comes around. It will catch up to this bitch.

  7. I know this is an elaborate JOKE right

  8. I wonder if the NYC Conflicts of Interest Board would investigate and possibly fine her. They generally piggy back off other investigations and since the allegations have been apparently substantiated it would be a no brainer for them to find against her. Hopefully they could reclaim at least some of the money involved.

  9. Dear Mr. Portelos,
    You should be vindicated of all those things she did against you to cover up her unethical behavior to say the least! You were right all along and now everyone knows about her.
    The services NYC students were entitled to were taken away from them. Parents should be outraged.
    You should be placed back in your school ASAP! Eventually the truth always comes out!

  10. It is such a shame, and just absolutely incredible. Look at what you had to endure and punishment you had to overcome. No wonder there are so much kiss A**** within the system. It doesn’t pay to be honest these days. Disgusting, and these people should be ashamed at themselves. What a waste of tax payers money.

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