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Can you make a list of all the things you collected and brought into your classroom, or anywhere, over a 5 year period I know I can’t, but I am going to try. As a reassigned teacher, who was stopped in the lobby of his school and prevented from coming back (for now), I have a couple of things in my STEM Lab. I asked to go in and get it after hours, as is customary for people in my position, but was told I cannot. Instead I have to make a list.


From: Hill Linda (31r049) []
Sent: Friday, May 04, 2012 5:27 PM
To: Sean Rotkowitz
Subject: Mr. Portelos

You called me last week and asked me to arrange a date for Mr. Portelos
to come to I.S. 49 to retrieve his belongings. As per the DOE lawyer,
Mr. Portelos may not come back in to I.S. 49 at this time, for any
reason. However, he can have someone (you or another DOE designee) come
to retrieve, from his room, any of the things that belong to him, or he
may send me a list of his things and someone will pack them up and have
them ready for you.
Ms. Hill

Linda V. Hill
Principal, IS 49
tel.718 727 6040
fax.718 876 8207


I checked and have not found any reassigned educator ever being prevented from getting their personal belongings. I forgot that I was a threat to national security. They continue to break the mold with me and I’m flattered, yet again. I was told “this is the first time I have seen DOEprevent a reassigned employee from making arrangements to pick uppersonal belongings in person.” Am I a threat tonationalsecurity OR a threat to the security of some skeletons in the closet (A closet I might have a key to).

Here it goes….Items listed as -RETURNED came in via shipment on October 16, 2012

Mr. Portelos’ Incomplete List of things he brought to the lab in 5 years


1 broken digital camera -returned
1 broken xbox -returned
1 large paper airplane that says Aerodynamics on it. -returned
1 hydrogen car that runs on water -returned
1 large gray collapsable laundry mesh basket -returned
3 cable covers -returned
1 white mirror -returned
1 Gray foam nerf USBmissilelauncher
One Desktop PC with sticker that says MV on it. No DOE parts in it.
2 DigiPort to HDMI connectors -returned
2-3 finger LED flash lights (experiment I was working on with infrared sensors)
One light green Green Screen blanket -returned
1 approx 7″ diameter tupperwarewith blue lid. May still have food in it, but my mother in law has been asking for it.
An old AOL 56K Turbo CD (funny right 56K was called Turbo) I show it to the kids and compare to the 50Megabits/sec connection… a staggering 892.85% increase in residential download speed.
Solder roll
Black electrical tape
2 Boxes of Magnetix structure pieces
Digital files of work I have done with students.
1 green box of graham crackers
1 White Air Filter machine


1 blue sign on door with quote from Portelos -RETURNED
1 broken Roomba robotic vacuum -RETURNED
1 Hammer with gray and yellow handle -RETURNED
1 Lava lamp -RETURNED
1 microwave -RETURNED
1 Painting from Salvadore Dali “The Persistence of Memory” -RETURNED
1 Painting of a frog splashing into water in suspended animation-RETURNED
1 Philadendron Pothos plant..alive -RETURNED !
1 refrigerator -RETURNED
1 Robotics sign -RETURNED
1 set of John Lennon prescriptionless eyeglasses in black case -RETURNED
1 Staples “That was easy!” Button -RETURNED
1 USB Family Guy Stewie figure -RETURNED
1 White PVC trajectory air pump prototype I was designing to teach trajectory (priceless -RETURNED )
2 screw drivers Phillips and Flathead -RETURNED
2 Water bottles -RETURNED
2 white battery chargers -RETURNED
4 Renuzitdeodorizers -ONLY 3 RETURNED
A box of 100 nerf darts (don’t ask, but science and engineering were involved) -RETURNED
My son Alexander’s Birth Announcement -RETURNED
One bag of Green felt pieces (about 30) -RETURNED
One black stapler. Swingline I believe. It’s my stapler! -RETURNED
One soldering gun -RETURNED

More to come….

On October 18, 2012 the DOE, Principal Linda Hill and I have a date at Staten Island Small Claims court.

On October 16, 2012 I received this partial shipment of goods from my classroom including my plant!

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  1. Nice work. What kind of nasty coffee are you drinking

  2. Wow, you had Nerf stuff Cool! Seems like a fit for teaching aerodynamics stuff

    Damn though, not letting you get your stuff…it’s like you got your things taken away in a metal detector scan. And the fact that someone else has to fetch them for you…hope they don’t take the stuff

    • I was thinking to use the small Nerf darts in conjunction with my PVC air cannon I design and built. The cannon allows you to adjust for angle, so I thought to teach the students trajectory with that as well as graph the results and extrapolate to guess the distance of the next dart. But alas, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

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