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According to, will hit 8,000 visits today. Repeat visitors come from all around the world and 600 people are direct following. Twitter follower numbers are increasing as well as the student made page Likes. We are the potential wave makers, the movers and the shakers. Regimes have been toppled with the power of social media. Any stranger can stumble upon this site and within a few minutes see that something isn’t right. We have just begun and the work we do will positively affect students and who knows what the ripple effect will be. Visitor map

Those who oppose me continue to make mistake after mistake after mistake. Every single time they tried to quiet me down, I became louder and LOUDER and LOUDER.

  1. They disciplined me for emailing staff members without permission…… I created a personal email list and now freely email 92 of them under my First Amendment Right.
  2. They tried to silence me at a Union meeting….so I took over and received applause.
  3. They called in the NY Post in attempt to smear my name and discredit me… the students found out and created a support page and my site visits more than doubled. Take a quick look at the comments below the online article.
  4. They falsified documents again to discredit me….so I started an investigation on them.
  5. They tried to silence me about financial questions….so I sent in a F.O.I.L request to see the last 3 years of their after school per session activities.
  6. They took me out of school….so now I am placed at the heart of Staten Island’s educational community, Petrides Center.
  7. I could go on and on, but one of the best was the following…….

After I gave my keys in on Thursday morning, I left the building and sat in a mini non existent Rubber Room at 51 Chambers St. Across the harbor, back at school, the NY State Math exam started and students were in my classroom. In their infinite wisdom, Principal Hill and Assistant Principal Aguirre decided it was the perfect time to bang away and change the 2 locks on my class and closet door for over a half hour. Concerned staff members later notified one person who would have no problem rectifying the problem (even though he was no longer present). I was appalled that they would interfere with the standardized testing and immediately contacted the NY State Test Administration. They told me to also contact the NYC DOE Testing office. The NYC Testing office also told me to notify the NYC Special Commissioner of Investigation (SCI). I did and told them to check Camera C2-19 that faces my room. The next day I was happy to hear that NY State officials were present all day to oversee the test. Bravo and kudos to the staff members who also contacted state officials. See how easy it was. I’m sure the potential for more distractions was eliminated on Friday so we made a difference. All this from a mini Rubber Room across the harbor. That is how I went from being present to omnipresent.

I have some more intel from potential wrongdoing at school coming in. My work on making Berta Dreyfus the best middle school on the island is far from over.Remember that “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.”

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  1. It is very interesting that after I posted this I was moved to Ozone Park, Queens. I was sent to the headquarters of my network, CFN 211.

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