FOIL Friday – DOE Attorney’s Personnel File FOIL 10,000

The DOE FOIL Unit numbers their FOIL requests sequentially. FOIL has been a tremendous help in my fight. It really comes down Knowledge is Power, so Arm Yourself. To learn about FOIL click RESOURCES at the top of this site or our

Principal Hill, on many occasions, stated that she did nothing without first consulting with her Senior Field Counsel, Marisol Vazquez Esq. As you can tell from this two year saga, it was probably great consultation. This attorney and her office cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I decided to FOIL Marisol Vazquez’ entire personnel file. Recently I was sent this:


FOIL 10,000 is a great number and I’m honored to be the one to get that.

However, it seems like Joseph Baranello Esq., the DOE Records Officer and colleague of Marisol Vazquez Esq., redacted some interesting information. (Side Note: When Mayor Bill de Blasio was NYC Public Advocate, he gave the DOE FOIL Unit a poor rating for responses, yet they are still here denying and delaying.)


From: “Francesco Portelos” <>
Date: Jun 6, 2014 7:43 AM
Subject: Appeal Redactions in FOIL 10,000
To: “Courtenaye Jackson-Chase” <>
Cc: “Robert.Freeman” <>, “” <>, “FOIL” <>

Dear Ms. Courtenaye Jackson-Chase,

I am in receipt of the records for F10,000. They are the personnel files for DOE attorney Marisol Vazquez. I’m appealing certain redactions and omissions.

File Titled:F10,000_Personnel Records from HR- redacted

Page 6 has the writing “See Please Resume Attached”, however there is no such resume included.

Page 18 indicates the same.

Page 7 appears to have a signature redacted. Please unredact or explain why a signature would be privileged.

Page 19 appears to have Yes/No boxes redacted as well. Example bullet 14 asks if Ms. Vazquez was ever barred or disqualified and the answer is not visible. Besides the Social Security number, were there any other redactions on page 20 titled Conviction Record

Page 21 and others have dates that Ms. Vazquez attended college redacted as well as other information that does not appear to be privileged.

Page 23 has supervisors signature and information redacted.

Thank you.

Francesco Portelos



Next I have to FOIL Robin Singer Esq and David Brodsky Esq. In addition to many others.

Don’t forget to come to our rally Tuesday June 10 to send a message to the mayor and chancellor. Get rid of these lawyers.



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  1. Are OSI case numbers sequential What does the X at the end mean

  2. Yes, OSI case numbers are sequential. It helps Baranello keep track, or try to.

  3. thanks for the heads up.

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