Educators, Are You Burnt Out Good. That’s the Point!

You think it’s by accident that there is a high turnover rate for teachers these days You think the new “rigorous” standards are to get all the millions of children college and career ready

Wait, you think that the new evaluation system is here to make you better at teaching your students when you spend more time on PD for that than learning new content and technology

Watch the conception of the NY State APPR in 2010. Are you benefiting or suffering fellow educator

Note: NYSUT President Richard Ianuzzi has since made changes to his stance on this, while UFT President Michael Mulgrew continues to support and endorse NY State Governor Andrew Cuomo who imposed this evaluation.

Let’s continue…

No raises…belittled in the media…the heat gets turned up higher and higher

…and then you walk out of the building saying those three magic words they want you to say…”I am done!” …and that right there is the point from coast to coast. Turn up the heat…pile on the paperwork…close down the schools…co-locate..make room for charters and corporate privitization. Kill tenure protection and replace experienced veteran teachers with inexperienced and cheaper ones. (No offense to the newbies.)

Let’s educate everyone Oh c’mon…you don’t really believe that the policy makers want every child to go to college and earn a degree, do you Imagine that world for a minute….

Excuse me, can you press my suit and shine my shoes
Sorry..I have a Masters in Psychology..find someone else.
“I can’t find anyone…everyone has a college degree.”

I was burnt out, but am fighting back. I recommend you do too. It’s never too late, but it’s not easy to do it alone. Mobilize.

There are many organizations to join and be part of. They are, but are not limited to:

Movement Of Rank-and-file Educators (MORE) caucus of the UFT. Parents welcome too.

Badass Teachers Association (BATs)

There are many sub groups of BATs across the country. Like BATs in NY

Advocatz Consulting

Sometimes you just have to lawyer up
Bryan Glass esq.

Burnt out or fueled up

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  1. It’s all about getting teachers to quit en masse and turning teaching into a temp job. The powers that be want low paid, untenured teachers who they will burn out and replace. They don’t want career educators who will earn higher salaries and eventually collect a pension.

    I try to explain this to the young teachers starting out. They don’t believe it.

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