DTOE From Coast to Coast Against the Ones Students Need the Most

DTOE From Coast to Coast Against the Ones Students Need the Most

You like the rhyme

From what I remember, the first time I realized this Accuse and Remove method used on educators was bigger than our local NYC school district was when I was approached by Karen Horwitz of www.endteacherabuse.com and Lenny Isenberg of www.perdaily.com. This was back in June 2012. Of course I was first informed of the attacks on educators on the local level by Betsy Combier of www.nycrubberroomreporter.com and Norm Scott of www.EdNotesOnline.com.

Fast forward and we see that the attacks on educators have increased from coast to coast.

See what our very own SouthBronxSchool blogger has to deal with in his educator exile:

Robben Island at 4360 Broadway

It would probably make all these educators flip in their grave to see how teachers are treated.

School of Athens -Raphael

Across the country see this video and letter fromRandyTraweek. He leads the revolt on Teacher Jail (LA version of NYC Rubber Room). I prefer the term Educator Exile.

Letter From a Los Angeles Teacher Jail

Having shared all that…get ready for change and uprising. We do not know what changes will come with a new administration here, but if it’s a continuation of the Bloomberg policies, then we have to be prepared. I believe Bill de Blasio will change the way the system works, but either way it’s good to meet and chat. Pleas join us Thursday November 14th. Info below.

I welcome additional endorsements. There will be no sign in sheet and you can attend anonymously. I will share what I learned from being in the trenches, but the conversation will not be one sided. Bring your cell phone as we will usewww.polleverywhere.comfor continuous feedback throughout the event. (No your number will not be traced. Relax.)

For a Printable Flyer to Distribute (Click Here)

Facebook Event Page(Currently this Facebook version is by invite only so as not to publicize names of attendees. FB Message me atMrPortelos Portelos)

DOE Anti-Workplace Bullying

DOE Anti-Workplace Bullying

There is also an email support group started on Google Groups.

Send a blank email message to Dont Tread on Educators


to join.

See also: The Three Rs or American Education -Rubber Room is Retaliation


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  1. The brilliant book, WHITE CHALK CRIME, by Karen Horwitz, M.Ed, regarding the ongoing war on America’s Teachers should be owned and read by every single educator in America. Indeed, throughout the world.

    See my review of this shattering 648 page book on Amazon.com at :


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