“Don’t Tread on Educators” Educator Defense Workshop April 7th

My fellow educators and I are planning our second DTOE Forum. We had one last November right after Mayor Bill de Blasio won the election. Since then, he appointed an educator as the chancellor. I thought we may not need to continue with these forums. Educator after educator would text or email me about the next event. I kept putting it off as I was watching the new administration. Maybe they are unaware or too busy fighting with Eva and Cuomo about charters.

Unfortunately, our colleagues are still under attack three months into the new administration. The lawyers that ran the last administration are still in power and we need to educate ourselves in order to survive.

Therefore we set up the 2nd DTOE forum (share out):

Are you an educator who:

Feels their career has been or is being derailed
Is bullied in the workplace
Feels overloaded and not appreciated


Are you burnt out…..thenCOME GET FUELED UP!

You are not alone. We are taking back our careers.

See Flyer to Distribute:CLICK HERE

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DTOE Event

DTOE Event



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  1. Is there a DVD or online workshop to watch your workshop on April 9 I can not make it out to Brooklyn.

  2. Would you mind creating a google hangout or skype conference I would appreciate that since i live in Westchester county.

  3. I support your campaign for reinstatement. I wish you luck in your campaign. It is not unusual for politics, personal vendettas, mendacity to be more important that education in the Department of Education

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