Donors Choose-Day Ms. Pollack’s Classroom in Philly

Continuing with our effort to get donors to support teacher’s classroom projects every Tuesday with Donors Choose…

Choose to Support Ms. Pollack’s Classroom!

“My students live in an urban neighborhood and attend a charter school. At least 75% of the students at my school qualifies for a free or reduced lunch. Many are eager to learn and have come to our charter school hoping for a more personalized education than the city public schools provide. While our school does its best to provide this education, we lack many resources including textbooks and technology.” –Ms: Pollack

W D Palmer Leadership Preparatory AcademyinPhiladelphia, PA




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We Need A New Projector!


Mar 24, 2014
$454 given
9 donors

My students have been progressing wonderfully throughout the year and I have seen them already grow so much. I want to continue to make history fun and interactive. Many of my students are eager…more

My students needa classroom projector.
Total cost: $454
“Thanks you SO much for funding a new projector for my classroom! It will be great to have a reliable projector that my students can count on to see lots go visual images related to history. Many of th…”more

Personal Whiteboards For Engaged Learners

Sep 13, 2013
$165 given
5 donors
Total cost: $165
“Thank you so much for donating to bring personal whiteboards and markers to my classroom. My students really enjoy using the whiteboards to show their knowledge and review the information. They enjoy …”more

Mapping the World: Geography Class Needs Atlases


Aug 29, 2012
$407 given
8 donors

Total cost: $407

“I cannot thank you enough for your generous donation to provide my class with atlases. Our school has a budget shortfall and my students never would have received the resources they need. My studen…”more

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