[UPDATED] DOE’s Workplace Bullying Continues – My 33 Hours Behind Bars

I didn’t think that I would have to update my “Allegations Against Mr. Portelos” list again, but unfortunately I did. Those who have been working tirelessly to end my career hit a new low. A new allegation came in through the NYC Police Department, not the Special Commissioner of Investigation, and led to me being handcuffed and spending 33 hours behind bars before I was released and the case was dismissed.

This graph looks even more ridiculous now as the number of allegations against me hits 33:

Allegations against Portelos Graph

Here is what happened. Nuke some popcorn and sit down.

On Tuesday March 4, 2014, I received a voicemail from Detective William Connor of the “84 Squad.” I found out later that “84 Squad” meant “Detective Unit of the 84th Precinct” in Brooklyn. I called back not thinking too much of it and he tells me that there was a complaint made against me by Chief Information Security Officer Desmond White involving alleged hacking of the NYC payroll system. It had something to do with my satirical post from February How to Hack the DOE Payroll Portal and Give Yourself a Raise. Apparently some people can’t take a joke.I laughed and told the detective I did no such thing.

I believe the DOE lawyers put Desmond White up to this as I have been communicating with him since Spring 2012 and didn’t think he would do this on his own. I mean I hope the Chief Security Officer really didn’t believe I hacked the payroll system and gave myself a raise with the password “KittensRcute.” If he did, then perhaps we need to find a new Chief Information Security Officer. Detective Connor told me to come down and make a statement so he can close the case. I set up an appointment for Thursday March 6, 2014 at 4 PM. It was annoying to have to go there, but I figured I might as well just help close this ridiculous case. I should have known better after my experiences with SCI and OSI investigators. After I spoke to a few NYPD and lawyer friends about this, they all agreed this actually meant I was going to be arrested. “What I’m innocent!” I responded to them. I contacted the UFT as we are supposed to do when investigators want to speak to us. Even though it was not SCI, it was still an investigative body who was charging me as an employee. The UFT contracted out a criminal attorney who contacted Detective Connor. Connor stated that they believe I may have violated NY Penal Code 195 – Official Misconduct, but he has to speak to DOE Legal and NYPD Legal. DOE Legal My lawyer was able to push the meeting to Monday March 10, 2014 at 10 AM in the morning. The idea was that if I am there early and it doesn’t go well, then at least I can make it in time for night court and be released. Plus by Monday all the weekend “troublemakers” would be through the system and out. “You can be there two to six hours.” I was told. That’s not how Detective Connor let it play out.

Going to jail was something I had obviously only seen in the movies and TV.I didn’t know what to expect and only had 30 years of TV to educate me on jail atmosphere. I think it started from C.H.I.P.S.So, overthe weekend, I decided to do some heavy weight lifting and get a tattoo in preparation for my possible jail time. I practiced mean looks in the mirror to the point I scared myself. I was ready…

Tattoo I got right before I went in.

On Monday morning, I drop my wife off at work and my kids at my mother-in-law. I take my driver’s license, $25, a calling card and my MetroCard and I went on my way. Oh, I also had $10 in quarters, but I left it in a roll, just in case things got ugly in the cell. (Disclaimer: Lawyers, please do not use that as “intent to commit assault”…it’s a joke.) I took no cell phone so it would not be confiscated. I already felt powerless. I can’t tell you how many times I found myself reaching for my belt holster…no phone…ahhh…. I was already going crazy. When I got out of the Jay Street station I was already lost. I was going to pull up Google Maps and find my way, but again…no phone. I did it the old 1987 way and asked someone. A woman was nice enough to point me in the wrong direction. “Gold Street Gold Street is that way, I tink.” she said, as she apparently pointed south. I walked an extra ten minutes in the wrong direction. It was a gentle reminder that we rely on technology too much.

I finally arrive at the 84th Precinct at 301 Gold Street. Before I stepped in I again reached for my nonexistent phone to take a picture and check in on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. I walk in and tell the desk officer I was there looking for Detective Connor. He makes a call and in a few minutes two detectives came down. “Somebody here for Connor” one asks. “Yeah. I’m here for Connor.” I replied. “Follow me.” the big fella, who I later found was called “Wilson”, says as he holds the door open to goto the sergeant’s desk. “Nice hat.” I tell the other detective, who I learned was called “Roman.” He was also wearing a Sicilian-style cap like I was. Oh, by the way, I wasn’t wearing my usual suit and tie, but opted for laceless black shoes, black jeans and a button-down (to keep it a little classy) with black jacket. My comrade David Suker, a targeted teacher who has been arrested for peaceful protests, told me to wear something I can use as a pillow and my attorney told me to wear laceless shoes since they would take my laces away. Apparently, laces can be used as a weapon. Oh, I also brought a book with me to keep me occupied and focused. I would usually do eBooks and have “The Future of our Schools” by Dr. Lois Weiner, “Davonte’s Inferno:Ten Years in the New York Public School Gulag“by Laura M. Sturt or “Reign of Error” by Diane Ravitch, but no electronics. Therefore, I grabbed a paperback book from my library. I brought “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” by Professor Thomas S. Kuhn of MIT. I thought that book would help keep my mind off the situation and give the illusion that I am smart.

Anyway, I walk in past the open door to the sergeant’s desk and within a minute I was handcuffed and searched. Cool…calm…and collected I was. Whatever happens, happens. I didn’t say anything and neither did Detective Wilson. He only started asking me basic questions like Social Security and address as he filled out the arrest slip. “So this is what it’s like to be arrested.” I thought. I started taking mental images of everything…. Sgt. Fort at the desk and his badge number… Captain Maximo Tolentino’s name on a sign…Detective Wilson and his badge number that he repeated out loud etc. I also knew Roman’s name because Wilson said, “Roman…help me out here.” [Recorded] Sergeant Fort stated “Wilson, what’s your badge number” and that is how I got that information. I didn’t need my phone after all…I had my gray matter.

I was then taken to another room where I was searched again. It had a few computers and a fingerprint scanning machine. It also had two small cells about 10′ by 7′. I was placed in one without cuffs, given my book, and as the bars slammed closed, I was told “Connor will be with you shortly.” by Wilson. That was at 10:15 AM. No one came to speak to me for the next four hours. I sat there and read, but I also reflected. At around 2 PM a guy came in and asked “Portelos” I got up and responded. He never introduced himself and there was no eye contact, but I imagined it was Detective William Connor. He slightly opened the cell enough for me to hand him my driver’s license. He left with it and I never saw him again. I got it back later from someone else. A half hour later, Roman came in to fingerprint me and take my mug shot. As much as I tried to look innocent and smile (smirk) the picture on the computer screen looked bad. Maybe they have a “Menacing look” photo filter that goes over all the pictures. As the shutter opened and closed, I thought of the people responsible for putting me there. If that photo ever surfaces, know that is what I am thinking about when you look at my eyes.

I was able to make a phone call from a desk phone to my wife and told her to call my union-appointed attorney. I spoke to her twice and that was it.

By 9 PM, eleven hours later, I had a few cellmates. B and his girl were brought in together on alleged assault when her baby daddy followed them from Family Court and attacked them at a BBQ joint. For some reason, they were arrested and he was out free. She was put in a different cell and they conversed without being able to see each other. The windows were open, so it was cold. He asked the officer if he can give her his jacket because it was cold and she was anemic. I looked up from my book and thought “Chivalry is not dead after all.” J was brought in earlier for alleged armed robbery and fake ID. He was over 21, so the fake ID didn’t make sense to me. He was high on K2 and the three of us, B, J and I spoke a lot over the next 20 hours. I was too embarrassed to ask what K2 was as I didn’t want to look street dumb. Finally I gave in and said “Oh… K2 is umm…..” “..synthetic weed.” J finished my sentence. “Oh yeah, right.” I said as if I knew all along. “It is sold as potpourri, but is really bad for you.” he continued saying. “Try and get off that stuff, bro.” I preached pulling the teacher in me out.

At around 8PM,anofficer came in and took my book away. It can be used as aweapon, hesaid. It was 10 hours since I had it. Cmon mandont take his bookaway, yelledB. Officer, the only thing dangerous about that book is the knowledge insideit, theteacher in me spewed out. The officer smiled, but took the bookaway,anyway, sincea new sergeant was on duty. His orders.

At around 9PM,twoofficers told the five of us in there that they are transporting us to Central Booking five minutes away to be processed and see the judge. They gave us the false sense that we were seeing the judge and set free that night. We werent. We were all taken out of thecell, onebyone, andhandcuffed together one hand to one hand. The sergeant saw this and said that we need to be handcuffed with both hands behindourback and then daisy-chained together. As much as we hated it, I knew he was right. A free available hand in a police van could be trouble. What wasnt fun was being the second of five people handcuffed together and boarding athreerowvan. We did it and I thought my shoulder was going to pop out of its socket as the van sped and turned through red lights with blaring sirens.

We arrived at Brooklyn Central Booking. Little did I know, but that cool air we breathed before entering the building was the last fresh air I was going to breathe for the next 20 hours.

The next three hours was a hundred or so detainees and I being corralled and searched and moved and corralled from cell to cell. There were a lot of pissed off people in there. We had more mug shots taken and they even didretinalscans.Luckily,therewere no full cavity searches. The guy taking my mug shot looked at me and looked at his computer puzzled. It says here that you areWhiteHispanic. Everyone, officers and handcuffed detainees, looked at me. Im not going to lie to you, I only saw about fiveWhiteguys in there, but that is for another post all together. I was going torespond,Si,butinstead said NahIm Greek Italian. That definitely built up my street cred.

After one lastcorral,13of us were put into a cell with several other cells full. We werent making it to court. Time to sleep away thehours, I thought,asI found the only available space on the floor next to theopenspacedtoilet. My $10 roll of quarters had been taken apart by the officer that searched us. I forgot all 40 quarters were in my jeans, so when I laid down on the filthy floor,theyall fellout,spinningon the floor. I started sweeping them up in my hand off the filthy floor and putting them into my jacket zipper pocket. Ill give you a dollar for four ofthose, thebig guy laying down above me on the bench said. Thats adeal!,I said, asI handed him fourquarters.It was my first jail trade.

I converted my black Zara jacket into a pillow(Thanks,David!)and placed my cap over my eyes to block the light. As I tried to fallasleep,Iignored anything that felt like a roach and I ignored all the stains on the floor and wall. I tried all night not to kick anyone in thehead, sleepingby my feet. As the guys started opening up to each other on why they were there and how many times theyhadbeen arrested, I started drafting this very post in my head.

I heard the big guy on the bench shuffling and I moved my hat to look. Please dont roll off on top ofme, Ithought as I started dozing off. I think the last thought I could remember for the nightwas,Thisis what the United States does to its educators No wonder we arescrewed.The system is designed to fail all those sleeping around me.

We were woken up around6:30 AM. Forme,itwas 21hoursof wrongful imprisonment and 685 days of educator exile. For 685days,Ihave been paidnot to teachbecause I raised concerns at my neighborhood school. Cant lose sight of that. Those that are corrupt are free to do itagain,andfrom coast tocoast,teachersare targeted.

We were given the false hope that we were going to be brought up to court. Whenever we heard a lot ofchains,weall sat up looking to see if we were being called out. The chains were the series of handcuffs they used to bring people up to court. It became sort of like aPavlov’s Dogsscenario.Call aftercall,somewould go and others would stay. They brought us out of the cell,twobytwo, toget an orange, a crappy peanut butter and jelly sandwich and warm milk. They also had RiceKrispiescereal. I realized that from10 AM to 7 AMthe nextday, allI ate was a small bag of Doritos chips that the officer got me from the vending machine back in the precinct. I had slipped him money through the mesh. I wasnthungry,andeven if Iwere,Iwas not going to eat. Not really a hunger strike, but rather the open toilet situation. Going number one was not the problem, but number two in front of over a dozen strangers was not something I was prepared to do. Im glad I am anIBS survivor.

It was something like this:

They did give us papercups,andI drank from the dirty fountain above the toilet. The science guy in methought,Ineed to stay hydrated, need my energy and reallythat water coming out still comes from the Catskill Mountains. NYC water is the best.
Hours turned to more hours. There were no pay phones and I had no connection to the outside world. I had scheduled a post for my blog to go out at around2:20 PMthe day before. Wasnt sure if people would understand that if they are reading it, I was arrested and could not take it down. As we exchanged stories with new guys that came in, one said tome,Iread about you in the paper today. Something about a NYC employee, a blog and an arrest. I thought that maybe my post sparked something on the outside, but it didnt.
Different thoughts kept circulating in my head. Hows my family They must be worried. Why am I in here so long for a bogusallegation Was this to punish me Did they think I was going to be scared and stop bloggingshut down my site and move I dont think so. My rattlesnake logo might be changed to that of a phoenix rising from the ashes. Im going to finish what they started. Those and more thoughts circulated as I started to become more restless.
I did get respect for being a teacher and for telling my crew there my story. It was a long story and we had plenty of time. You are fighting for all of us, Bsaid, who was still with me. J had been released already and promised he was going to stop K2, gethisGED andAssociatesDegree and get his life together. I hope he does. B was more worried about his girl. She was separated from us the night before and he didnt know what happened to her. He was able to have the cell officer look her up and found she had been released. I watched as a smile came across his face.Bittersweet, I said,ashe continued to smile with a sigh of relief.
I thought of mobilizing the cellmates. Im union leader of my school. Can I organize theseguys,Iasked myself. To dowhat,thoughYellout,Attica Escape Get more food I let itgo,and,instead, talkedto them about how to use the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL). FOIL camera footage, documents,officerspersonnel files. YES! I was teaching within cinder block walls again! The precinct and jail did remind me of aschool,strangely enough.
At around7PM, 33hoursafter I was arrested, my name was finally called. I was laying down and jumped up and out quick. Tooquick,I thought, asI looked back at my still imprisoned cellmates. Guys, I hope you have your hearing soon. Goodluck, Isaid.
Dont forget to write about usteach, oneRussian guy said. I never got his name. He was in there because his fingerprints matchedthose found ata robberyscenefrom 2010. He said he doesnt remember ever being at that location as he is a fruit and vegetable delivery guy and his prints are all over the city.
I was handcuffed one more time between two other guys. We were marched around the corridor where the officer stopped us and started reading the decisions to us. Portelos.the district attorney has reviewed your case and found the site was publicly accessibledismissed. Yes! The big guy next to me heard and said Site What site A porn site Ilaughed,and said, No..its just a small site where I write about corruption in education. MyMan!, hesmiles andsays, ashe lifts his chained fist up for a fist bump.
We were then marched through court and out a door into an empty hallway. Gimme yourhands, theofficersaid,ashe unshackled us.OK,go!,he said. We ran for the door to the street. We werefree!
I actually ran back to use apayphonefor the first time since 2000. I called my wife and hopped on a train to Bay Ridge.It was a crazy ordeal over nothing. Very stressful and unnecessary. They made a lot of mistakes. To scare me It didnt work.
Now my attorney and I are looking into the best way to incorporate this false arrest and imprisonment into ourFederal lawsuit. Seems like Mayor de Blasio and ChancellorFarianeed to start making major changes to theOffice of the General Counselof the DOE. I suggest starting from Courtenaye Jackson-Chase andworkingdown through all DOE legal offices.
This is what we do to educators in the United States.

I’m not the only one. Read about Lydia Howrilka: Bronx teacher thrown in jail after criticizing principal


NYPD Complaint Against Francesco Portelos_Page_01 NYPD Complaint Against Francesco Portelos_Page_02 NYPD Complaint Against Francesco Portelos_Page_03 NYPD Complaint Against Francesco Portelos_Page_04 NYPD Complaint Against Francesco Portelos_Page_05 NYPD Complaint Against Francesco Portelos_Page_07 NYPD Complaint Against Francesco Portelos_Page_08 NYPD Complaint Against Francesco Portelos_Page_09 NYPD Complaint Against Francesco Portelos_Page_10 NYPD Complaint Against Francesco Portelos_Page_11 NYPD Complaint Against Francesco Portelos_Page_12 NYPD Complaint Against Francesco Portelos_Page_13 NYPD Complaint Against Francesco Portelos_Page_14 NYPD Complaint Against Francesco Portelos_Page_15

Thanks to DOE’s DIIT Chief Information Officer Hal Friedlander and Desmond White.

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Parent and Educator fighting for the student and the teacher.
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    • I am amazed that you would be such a fool and put those words on your blog. You should certainly not be a school teacher. I pray you go to jail for you criminal activity

      • May God bless you. We need love because there too little of it. There too much ego, that thing that is our social mask, that thing that lives in fear. The people who hurt us can’t access love. That is sad. You have love, integrity and courage. How lucky you are, and those who get to share you story and your life. Thank you because you do it for those of us who don’t have the strength to.

  1. WOW!! That’s insane!! I stood up to read this with my husband. He still can’t believe this…..Keep Fighting Brother!!! You sure have earned your “STREET CRED”…

  2. This is crazy, how low they will go to degrade and debase teachers. This is just so beyond. I’m glad you got out and everything’s ok.

  3. What a horrid, crazy story. So glad that you were released.

    That toilet with the water fountain up there is vile.

    Folks, we need to realize that this smacks of fascism.

  4. KittensRCute omg. Sending you good wishes from Vermont. My first teaching job light-years ago was in Queens. http://www.susanohanian.org

  5. Please do NOT make any more jokes about hacking into systems or anything else. You know the DOE is out to get you and you need to stay as sober and serious as possible.

    • Right, this was more than just them thinking I hacked. They knew I didn’t. This was a desperate attempt. I’d like to feel as though we are still in America and satire is allowed. My guard is up again though. Thank you.

  6. ThreeMoreYearsToGo

    I’d like to feel that we are still in America, too, and that satire is allowed.

    However, your experience has just proved otherwise.

    It’s amazing to me how teachers are treated in the NYC. There is a complete disregard for Constitutional procedures regarding the rights of teachers as citizens.

    Why did we let the situation get to this point If we don’t reverse what happens very soon, I fear for the future of this country. Seems as if we are heading into a very Orwellian world here.

    Good luck in your quest for justice, and I’m sorry to hear how you are being treated by people that work for an institution that is supposed to be about enlightening and uplifting people through education.

  7. ThreeMoreYearsToGo

    As for our new Mayor and Chancellor- have they indicated in any way to you that they will address and attempt to rectify the situation that you find yourself in, due to your whistleblowing about the issues you brought up at your school

    If not, what are they waiting for

  8. NYCDOE is a nightmare for students and teachers alike. Bill de Blasio was suppose to be a change but he is keeping all Bloomberg people in charge at the DOE & other gov agencies. OMG, 4 more years of the same old bureaucratic bull!!! Might as well had Bloomberg stay for a 4th term.

    • ThreeMoreYearsToGo

      That’s right, the NYCDOE is a nightmare for students and teachers alike. Having personally been involved in both suburban and NYC school situations, the difference is night and day. In the suburbs, students are getting textbooks, materials they need to learn, well maintained buildings, sports and other activities to enrich them. Teachers are treated with respect, supported by administration, given what they need to do their jobs. That’s why so few teachers leave their suburban jobs, and continue to work up to their full retirement ages, unlike many of us NYC teachers that can’t wait to get out, as soon as we hit the “right” age.
      Essentially, as Mayor deBlasio and his new Chancellor have said publicly, NYC schools exist essentially to provide babysitting services and hot lunches for the students. Forget about getting an education….
      Sad, because if the city continues on this track, we will soon end up enjoying developing nation status, and lose any quality of life gains that have been made. People will not want to move to a place where the educational system does not do what it’s supposed to do.
      I should add here that I was no fan of Emperor Bloomberg and his faux Chancellors that served the NYCDOE during his administration.

  9. Michael Fiorillo

    Francesco, your perseverance is a wonder and an source of strength for others. And after all this, you write about it with a light, humorous and compassionate touch, not an easy thing to do.

    I hope your beautiful boys have their college educations paid for by the damages from your to-be-successful lawsuit against these foul, vindictive people. It might serve as a deterrent to future outrages like this.

    You have my admiration, sir.

  10. You are giving misinformation about FOIL requests. Before you preach sharpen up and familiarize yourself with what your talking about.

  11. Francesco,
    “The fight for Justice against corruption is never easy. It never has been
    and never will be. It exacts a toll on yourself, our families,our friends and especially our children. In the end I believe as in my case.The price we pay is well worth holding onto our dignity.”
    Frank Serpico
    I recently had written a lesson plan about Boss Tweed when I came against this quote. I believe it fits the situation of every teachers who has been railroaded by this corrupt system. Brothers in solidarity.

  12. it is an irony that the Wall St scammers did not spend one day in Jail…

  13. Not irony, Marie, this is fascism in a plutocracy. When are we waking up to what is happening here. Exactly what we think cannot happen here.

  14. I wrote my essay, A national Scandal: NO Constitutional Rights, after the destruction of DUE PROCESS led to my demise as a teacher when I was at the pinnacle of my career. FIFTEEN YEARS AGO AND THIS IS STILL GOING ON BECAUSE THE MEDIA IS SILENT.


    Lenny Isenberg was led away in handcuffs too, IN LAUSD. Anyone who wants to see how what is happening to you is a PROCESS across the nation, should go to Perdaily.com.

    Like you he is fighting. He lost everything, as did tens of thousands of teachers across America while the media runs the ‘bad teacher’ and ‘dead-wood’ scenarios. This is a direct assault on democracy, removing the voice of the teacher so the oligarchs can run the schools in order to deform education and re-write history and science. They need an ignorant public and teachers are dangerous voices…that is why they go to the lengths that they do.

    I ran for my life, Francesco, as did most of us, unlike you and Lenny. Even as my practice was the cohort for the New Standards, chosen by Pew and Harvard and matched to the standards over two years of intensive study, NYC DOE put out a charge of incompetence. I was the NYState English Council “Educator of Excellence’, a prestigious honor, a few months earlier. To put me in the rubber room, and remove me from that famous practice, they first used allegations of corporal punishment. I hired an attorney and filed a lawsuit. That got me back to the school, but not to the celebrated practice where I taught the entire seventh grade. They trashed my practice and famous curricula, distributed my materials and the 1000 book library that I had purchased (to enable reading) and put me in a storeroom to ‘pull-out” a few kids each period. Then they document my ‘incompetence.’ But that was not enough to remove me, so the principal alleged that I threatened to ‘kill her.”

    Eventually, Randi herself came to my rescue, and helped me into arbitration (and retirement).

    Nothing stops them because there is no accountability for what they do to us.
    32,000 teachers left NYC, and THIS is why… lawless administrators and corruption.

  15. I’m very sorry that this happened to you. Clearly someone from the DOE had informed the police that they could prove that you did what was alleged. To think that you can complain to the police about something completely lacking in foundation and be able to have some one spend over 33 hours incarcerated is something requiring investigation. Clearly the detective involved was not confident about it as he called the legal department of his agency. I wonder what they told him. Obviously this will add another zero to the large check you have earned at the end of your legal action. I would have hoped that the new administration would manage these idiots so as not to frivolously toss our city’s money away to make up for wrongful hatchet jobs on innocent workers. Keep up the fight. Stay strong

    • Thank you. I did have more confidence in the new administration, but that is diminishing as time progresses.

      • ThreeMoreYearsToGo

        Mayor deBlasio and Chancellor Farina CAN’T be completely oblivious of the situation that you’re in.

        It would seem to me that they would at least try to get in touch with you or your attorney to try to rectify this situation.

        I would think that the NYPD has better things to do with their time than to arrest a teacher that posted a satirical blog on the Internet.

        Good luck, what you’re doing is helping all of us that are teachers.

  16. I wish your story would be heard on all talk radio shows. Two that I listen to is Coast to Coast and the Power hour with Joyce Riley. I am sure Joyce Riley would interview you. I think your story needs to be broadcast some more. This might be a more effective method…..

  17. Long Island Teacher

    Chief Information Security Officer Desmond White will doubtlessly claim he had a good faith reason to call the cops on you. You (and your lawyer) will then attempt to show his claim is merely pretext – White knew or should have known your public blog/website posting was not a threat to DOE. His actions, you will show, were pretext for the real issue: Retaliation. This outrageous action by the DOE does strengthen your retaliation case (provided your arbitrator dismisses all the 3020a charges and you elude the collateral estoppel trap).

    • I spoke with Desmond White in January as I was attempting to have him come in as a witness. He is very aware of my blog and more and I joked about working with him when this is over. He said something like “my team and I are employees of the DOE and in the end we will have to do what we have to do.”

  18. Where does it say you can obtain redacted personnel files All I see there is that the concerning police officer must provide a notarized request for his own personnel records.

  19. Hi Peter! It’s Kate—we met at the chapter leader event in Brooklyn. I finally looked you up and I see this. What unnecessary trauma and struggle. I hope you and your family are doing alright. Great to meet you. Keep fighting and thank you!

  20. Francesco….Very proud of you, bro, for not backing down, and for keeping the faith, but also sooo troubled that this happened to you. I have been recalled as the chapter leader, been harrassed continually by my evil-ass principal, been downgraded by my a.p., but nuthin like this. It shines a true light on the powers that be at the DOE, and how the UFT is part and parcel of the problem. Very Kafka-esque.

  21. This is going on in LA too. They really have it in for bloggers, so mine has come up in hearings as a reason teachers should be terminated. This has nothing to do with the bs charges they were sent to teacher jail with. But that doesn’t stop them from making a federal case out of it. ” Ms, X writes for HEMLOCK ON THE ROCKS !the attorneys announce with the legal shark sneer., as if it were a Perry Mason moment.
    How dare that teacher use her first amendment rights!

    In October one guy finally penetrated the media outside the LAUSD HQ downtown. He was among a very few protestors who were not part of the AstroTurf that turd Deasy brought in by way of a luxury bus , provided with signs, talking points and a catered party’ outside. The meeting was about his evaluation and all week there were ASTRO blogs, ASTRO letters to the editor . I had no idea there was such a thing but spotted that these people were not parents or activists right away. They were united way flunkies and homeless people. They admitted this the teacher casualties who were never even permitted to enter the building even though they’d been there at dawn to save a spot in line.
    Sometimes independent radio and tv stations talk to the inmates and other collateral damage. One reporter stopped to talk to M. He had just been fired in September and told the reporter how veteran teachers were being targeted to save money on labor, pensions and benefits by. Mr. Deasy. We were thrilled to have that Clip but the next morning there was a band in his door . It was six am and school police were outside. He opened the door not sure what to expect. There was an FBI agent beside the copper. They asked him if he knew me. He confessed that he did.
    They had an email between M and me, a silly exchange really where we discuss how evil Eli Broad is . I wrote, I could kill him with a look . M said he’d like ti crack open Broads head and get a look at evil inside.
    M says th cop and the FBI took pleasure. In sharing him and his long suffering wife, who was starting to think I was a bad influence. She Is right Oops gotta run tbc …

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