DOE Administrative Trials Unit and “Reading Comprehension”

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It’s not only important that you can just read, but that you can also comprehend what you read. Isn’t that what we teach and test students on Reading comprehension is extremely important. What Common Core Learning Standard does that fall under I wouldn’t know as I have been barred from receiving any professional development since I was reassigned. What is this Common Core everyone speaks of


On April 23, 2012, I sent the following email to NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and copied a few others:


From:Francesco Portelos<>
Date: Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 3:48 PM
Subject: A Year of Exile and Educational Neglect- No Charges No Teaching
To:,,, Courtenaye Jackson-Chase <>

Greetings Mayor Bloomberg Chancellor Walcott and Ms. Jackson-Chase,

In case you are available, I will be hosting a luncheon on Friday to commemorate (not celebrate) my one year of exile. Still no charges. I have also sent the invitation to all mayoral candidates and some politicians. After deposing Principal Linda Hill for my Federal lawsuit this past Friday, it is even more apparent that my removal and exile was unwarranted. Seven hours of hearing “I don’t remember” and lying under oath was enough to tell me there is nothing. The DOE put themselves in a corner and even SCI can’t find a way to get me on something. 449 days under SCI 20+ investigations and they haven’t closed one case The students have suffered the most. I believe the DOE should have to pay at least a $10,000 scholarship, towards college, for each of the 300+ students that were on my roster this year and last. Yes, that is over $3 million, but only a drop in the bucket when you compare it to the millions spent for faulty standardized testing.

If you cannot make it this Friday, perhaps I can set up a live stream so you can partake remotely.

Please read:


-Francesco Portelos


What happened next was truly amazing. Two days later, the Special Commissioner of Investigation closed the cases and published an extremely vague report on me and others in my school. If you go to their website,, download the report and open up the properties section, you will see something interesting. The file name, before converted to a PDF was suffixed “Version 2”. I wonder what “Version 1” was. Maybe the author of the file, SCI Forensic Investigator Richard Marin, will tell me.

SCI sent the report to about 60 members of the press and the NYC DOE Administrative Trials Unit (ATU). When ATU gets the report, they print and time stamp it. I got a copy and it shows around 1:35 PM April 25, 2012. That was one day before my one year anniversary of educator exile.

Here is where I think “reading comprehension” is so important. By 3:35 PM(2 hrs later), anATU Disciplinary Investigatorsent an email to ATU Director Laura Brantley, Principal Linda Hill, the network, the cluster leader and a whole slew of other people.

Her email stated:


SCI has concluded a number of investigations involving allegations of misconduct made against personnel at IS 49 on
Staten Island, The Berta Dreyfus School. It was confirmed by SCI that tenured teacher, Francesco Portelos, file number
——-, conducted personal Real Estate and “” business during DOE hours; changing the accessibility to
the school website and making himself the “super administrator” of it; reading and distributing private e -mail messages;
posting student information on his “” site; and installing a flash “pop up” on school computers.
Please refer to the SCI report for further details.
SCI has referred their findings for review and any action that the DOE deems appropriate.

Laura Brantley will review the SCI report and advise as to the recommendation of the Office of Legal Services.
Disciplinary Investigator
Administrative Trials Unit
NYC Department of Education
49-51 Chambers Street, Room 604
New York, New York 10007
Tel: (212) 374-2498


Here is the original report. For some reason it is missing an SCI heading. I guess it was rushed. :

Can someone tell me where in the 15 pages of that report it was CONFIRMED that I:

  • conducted real estate business during DOE hours
  • conducted business during DOE hours
  • changed accessibility of the school website
  • was reading and distributing private emails
  • posted student information on my blog
  • and installing flash pop-ups

Please comment below this post with the page and paragraph if you see confirmation of these acts. Maybe I missed them. Maybe I have reading comprehension issues.

What’s also interesting is that by 2:50PM the DOE was already telling the press that they would move to fire me. To show you how vague the report was see AAA Arbitrator Jeffrey Tener’s arbitration award in my favor. He also says that SCI does not state which allegations were confirmed.

Arbitrator Tener SCI mention

Also see The Chief’s Article –Most Claims Tossed, but DOE Moves to Fire Teacher

I even emailed the author of the SCI report, Deputy Commissioner Regina Loughran to get a clearer picture of what was substantiated.


From:Mr. Portelos<>
Date: Sat, Apr 27, 2013 at 12:33 PM
Subject: SCI report on Berta Dreyfus IS 49
To: “Regina A. Loughran” <>

Ms. Loughran,

I read the report that was sent out on Thursday April 25, 2013. Can SCI confirm which allegations, if any, were substantiated May we also know which of the 35 were not investigated at all Thank you.

-Francesco Portelos
UFT Chapter Leader IS 49


Her Response:


From:Regina A. Loughran<>
Date: Mon, Apr 29, 2013 at 10:40 AM
Subject: Re: SCI report on Berta Dreyfus IS 49
To: “Mr. Portelos” <>

Mr. Portelos,
As I have reminded you in the past, you are represented by an attorney. The SCI report was referred to the Chancellor and his attorneys.

Regina Loughran

Oh ok…thanks! I guess I shouldn’t have had an attorney when SCI investigators confiscated computers from my class and house though. Nahh…

It’s a good thing ATU Director Laura Brantley read the report and weighed in as well. Some things I can’t post yet as I need it for my termination case. Don’t want to show too many cards. I should institute The Shovel Award and award it to people who have really dug themselves into a hole. Hmm…let’s see how much time I have.

I have a blog post in the works where I dissect and hyperlink the whole report with facts and evidence not mentioned. Good stuff. Imagine if I was busy teaching…

New dates for my termination hearing added to left sidebar. November 4, 7, 13 and 15.

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  1. You have included many people in your tirades that were just doing their jobs. Way to go embarrassing people for DOING THEIR JOBS!!!!

  2. I am someone you included and embarrassed for your own selfishness. I was not someone that purposefully attacked you but a low lying employee that was told to do something and I did it because it was my job. Now when someone Google’s my name, your blog presents itself. Thanks a lot! My future job prospects get to hang on your incorrect usage of my name!

    • With your name removed and off radar, good luck with your future endeavors. Hopefully you won’t be put in a position where your job is sharing false information. Please tell Aimee Horowitz I say hello and that her name comes up too often on screen and therefore our radar. She’s hurry many innocent educators and continues.

  3. Thank you, Mr. Portelos.

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