De Blasio/Faria to Shift Power from Principals to Crossing Guards


In an unexpected and unprecedented move to undo the Bloomberg “Principal as CEO” school governance, the de Blasio/Faria administration is designating absolute power to…the crossing guard

Sources on the inside say that school crossing guards still have to check in with and obey the directives from DOE Legal, so don’t expect too much change. (NYC EDUCATORS MEET DOE LEGAL)

The NY Post published this article the other day.

De Blasio and Faria plan to shift power from principals to superintendents

However, if you had the pleasure of being deeply involved with some policies with the DOE the last decade, then you’d know the attorneys Joel Klein put in have final say.

I personally have communicated with several superintendents, across the city, for my own case and advocating for others. In each and every case the superintendents eventually blurt out “I have to check with legal” or “Waiting for legal to get back on the decision.”

Even in my own case I learned:


Testimony of Principal Hill when questioned by my attorney at my 3020-a termination hearing.



Even investigators have to question the lawyers because superintendents and principals state “DOE Legal told me to do it.” These are investigator notes where attorney Marisol Vazquez states the documents I posted on my blog were not confidential. (Even though I’m paying a fine for it.”


Even when superintendents deny grievances they do so after speaking to “legal.”

See here the testimony of former Superintendent Erminia Claudio. NYS Education Law states that a board must go into executive session to charge me or anyone where for termination. Here Ms. Claudio clearly states she do so with the power designated to get by the chancellor…. and after many talks with the attorneys.


Testimony of former Superintendent Erminia Claudio.


That’s why it doesn’t matter if principals, superintendents, crossing guards or PTA presidents have final say or absolute power. In the end the lawyers trump all.

A good litmus test would be to see if superintendents now allow the public to attend School Leadership Team meetings. If they have to check with legal, then there has been no power shift.

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  1. As always, Mr. P., you are spot on. Mr. Klein (my hubby) filed an Article 78. You had asked me for our story awhile ago to send you our narrative. I will send it to you directly. P, we are your biggest fans.

  2. Blige is an “eyecatcher” isnt she. All I gotta say is don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

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