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Some of you might have read my post last week titled The David Pakter Saga – An All Too Familiar Story. I sent that to David and he was able to return with a comment from Paris, France. I felt that his comment would be somewhat lost at the bottom of his very long post from last week, so I am making it its own post here. This is a teacher that again was Teacher of the Year in NYC and then thrown into a windowless Rubber Room and tortured.

You HAVE TO read his letter to former Chancellor Joel Klein linked below and the response. SCI did not want to investigate That’s surprising.

By the way David, you should send Joel Klein another letter. It’s been ten years. I’ve emailed him some here. Also, Phillip Oliveri is still in the system and worked with the DOE Attorney working on my case. The parallels are bizarre.

Joel I. Klein
Executive Vice President CEO, Education Division News Corporation



David PakterOctober 17, 2013 at 8:13 am

First, allow me to congratulate Mr. Portelos for the enormous personal courage he has demonstrated in his years long quest for Justice, both for himself and the countless students who depend on such gifted teachers as Mr. Portelos, who constitutes a true Blessing to the world of education.

I wish Mr. Portelos all the best during his coming State Hearings on Oct. 28 and Oct. 31 which I very much hope will be highly attended by the general Public.

I fully know the pain and suffering the City of New York has visited upon this courageous man.

I also was a victim of the very same failed human beings who will sink to any level, however low and humanly despicable, to discredit and disappear any NYC Teacher who attempts to expose criminal behavior, wrongdoing and unethical behavior of any type committed by the NYC Dept. of Education.

Betsy Combier, of Parent Advocates.org, who requires no introduction, was kind enough to publish the three page letter I sent to former Schools Chancellor Klein on Oct. 2, 2004 which initiated a years long war perpetrated by the NYC Dept. of Education to destroy my stellar reputation as a highly decorated Educator and drive me out of the NYC schools system forever.

Please See:


It should really be read in its entirety as well as the blistering response it initiated from former Chancellor Joel Kleins former Chief Counsel, Chad Vignola, Esq., who was himself forced to resign in disgrace, along with Deputy Chancellor, Ms. Diana Lam, just months after writing to me due to his involvement in the Deputy Chancellor Diana Lam cover-up scandal.

Deputy Chancellor Lam had incorrectly attempted to have her husband placed in a high paying position within the NYC Dept. of Education.

The things that were done to me by the NYC Dept. of Education to destroy my career and good name rise to the level of true crimes.

From thousands of examples I could cite of crimes perpetrated against me I will cite just one that should give a taste of what the enemies of Mr. Portelos are capable of committing and will commit, without the least hesitation, to destroy an innocent teacher who attempts to expose wrongdoing, something teachers are Legally required to do.

It is well known I survived fully two NY State 30-20 Hearings chaired by two separate Hearing Officers.

Sometime during the second set of Hearings, near the end of a typical long day of Testimony the various Parties were taking a few moments to unwind and engaging in conversation after the Hearing Recorder had collected her electronic equipment and gone home for the day.

The Hearing Officer as well as Legendary NYSUT Defense Attorney, Christopher Callagy, myself and the NYC Dept. of Education Prosecuting Attorney were all gathered around the table in the Hearing Room, discussing the entire process by which the Dept. of Education attempts to prosecute teachers for alleged wrongdoing, sometimes using tactics that were far less than above board and were often quasi illegal and/or clearly entirely illegal by any known set of normal Legal standards.

As the tone of the conversation that day was both calm and even collegial, the Prosecuting Attorney,
Philip Oliveri, a legend, in his own mind, suddenly volunteered the remark that he was quite aware that some of the charges I was facing were totally bogus and could not be substantiated. He then added, words to the effect:

Of course I will NOT say which charges those are.

I would venture to submit that that if a Public Prosecutor were to in any way participate in trying to prosecute an innocent Defendant for crimes he/she knew to be bogus, that attorney would not only be Officially brought up on charges and Disbarred but would likely be facing a long jail sentence.
Such is the extent of the hideous injustices quite common in the 24 billion dollar Empire euphemistically known as the NYC Dept. of Education.

And yes- I have Mr. Oliveris words on tape waiting to be posted one day on You Tube along with many other such gems.

For example such as when present ATU Director, Laura Brantley, at the time of my Hearings, made a startling comment after listening to a tape recording I had made of a meeting with my Principal, Hilda Nieto, who had clearly committed Perjury during her so-called Sworn Testimony.

Ms. Laura Brantley commented after hearing one of my tapes, behind closed doors, in the presence of both Attorneys and the Hearing Officer involved, words to the effect:

I think the Dept. of Education owes Mr. Pakter an apology.

Interestingly enough, Laura Brantley, Esq., the Prosecuting Attorney at the time, suddenly disappeared, that very day, from my case faster than a speeding bullet, either because she requested to be relieved of my case or because her own Boss at the time, Theresa Europe, made the decision to replace Ms. Brantley with a more malleable Prosecutor who would not have any qualms about prosecuting an innocent teacher.

That turned out to be Philip Oliveri, as described above, who in literally the very last moments of my second trial, perhaps feeling slightly guilty, or more likely worried about being later prosecuted himself, begged then ATU Director Theresa Europe to drop at least one or two of the knowingly bogus charges against me.

True to form, Ms. Theresa Europe, well known for her obsession/s in prosecuting teachers, refused to alter the charges against me in the slightest.

I reside in Paris, France now but still maintain my residence in New York City. Should I be in the States at any of the Public Hearings of Mr. Portelos, I will certainly make an effort to be in attendance.

In any event, in the end Mr. Portelos, regardless of how long it requires, will be fully vindicated and returned to the classroom and the students to whom he is so deeply committed.

If the NYC Dept. of Education had the least sense of decency, legal scruples and/or simple concern for more than one million innocent New York City children, many of whom are at risk inner city children, who depend on the NYC Public Schools System for their Education and a better future, then Mr. Portelos would be returned to his school immediately.
Alas, that is not likely to happen any time soon- more is the pity, any more than one should expect pigs to learn how to fly.

Mr. Portelos is not the first teacher to go up against the 24 billion dollar New York City Schools system and he will surely not be the last.
That is an act that requires an inordinate degree of true courage and deep rooted integrity.
But then Mr. Portelos, just as his brilliant Legendary NYSUT Defense Counsel, Christopher Callagy, Esq., possess those rare virtues in abundance.

Blessings upon the Brows of both these extraordinary individuals. If only there were more people in the world like these two most exceptional human beings.

David Pakter, M.A., M.F.A.

Paris, France


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  1. Europe should have charges against her. She is nasty. I too have been run through the system a couple of times and it is never about finding the truth.

  2. Theresa Europe, Trix are for fools!

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