UPDATE: Portelos v UFT Leadership -3 Yrs of Misrepresentation

They say “Choose your battles wisely.

I say “Leave no necessarybattle unfought!

I’m re-posting the article I wrote pertaining tothe complaint I filed against the UFT for unfair representation. I have included the letter from PERB below. It states it has been scheduled for a conference before an Administrative Law Judge. Often times these complaints get kicked back or denied before they even make it to a conference. My complaintwent right through. If you click the link below and read it, you can see why.

Portelos v UFT PERB Hearing

Portelos v UFT PERB Hearing

For three years my career has been under attack. My name and my reputation smeared. Those who knowmy story know the fight I have fought against a very corrupt system. However, even if you have read ever single character I have placed on this site, Facebook and Twitter, you still would not know everything. Especially not thefighting behind the scenes. I don’t mean just with my employer, the New York City Department of Education, but my union representatives.

Since I started teaching in 2007 I havebeen a member of the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) union. I have paid a monthly fee for being a member. Do you know what else I have been paying for monthly Roadside assistance.

In both cases I spent most of my time not needing to call either. I still paid bothregardless. However, when I did have trouble with my car, I made a singlecall to AAA Roadside Service, and I received immediate…wait for it…assistance! I wish I could say the same for when I reached out to the UFT.

That…that right there is the difference between my union and roadside assistance. Pay either way, but one helped and the other did not.

A week ago I wrote something vague on social media about launching a “long overdue missile at 52 and it was not 52 Chambers Street” (DOE Headquarters). It was actually at 52 Broadway (UFT Headquarters).

[Disclaimer: I did not, nor do I intend to, launch any realballistictypemissilesor any such explosiveordamaging weaponry. There is no need to falsely arrest me again for blogging. Once is enough. It’s a figure of speech. ]

Many UFT members do not know that if you feel retaliated against because of your union activity (grievances, chapter leader/delegate positions, asking for curriculum etc) you can file a complaint with the NYS Public Employment Relations Board (PERB). It’s free and you can find out how to file here:http://solidaritycaucus.org/how-to-file-a-perb-complaint-for-union-activity-protection/

Many members also do not know that under the Taylor law, the employee organization (union) has an obligation to fairly represent its members. Should they fail to do so, and/or act in bad faith, members can also take the union to PERB. One needs to go no further than my inbox, or this link, to see that our union needs to, nay MUST, be stronger.http://solidaritycaucus.org/repreview/

Below is my very detailed, and well documented, case against those who are paid to represent us and unfortunately do not. I dare anyone, from supportertofoe, friend or colleague, onor off the UFT payroll, or otherwise, to read these pages and tell me that I should not have engaged in this complaint. I actually believe I should have done it sooner. Based on thereactions from the many members who have already read this already, many will be following suit.

Note: This is not an attack on the UFT, nor thenotion of a union. I’m a strong believer of unions and their place in defending the working class. This country was built on the labor of countless. They need protection, not corruption. Thank you to the many unionrepresentatives who work hard and do defend their members.

Francesco Portelos


United Federation of Teachers

Improper Practice Complaint

Case Assigned to Administrative Law Judge Cacavas.Case U-34151

Portelos vs UFT Leadership Caption PERB

Portelos vs UFT Leadership Caption PERB

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  1. What sort of damages might be awarded to you based on your claim of improper representation

    • There is cease in desist in not fairly representing.

      Damages incurred due to not fairly representing, such as the $10,000 fine I paid for being a UFT Chapter Leader, and other matters I will bring before the Administrative Law Judge.

      To be made whole.

      • Good luck. You are carrying the hopes and dreams of all educators born and unborn, future teachers and past teachers, all those who hope for a bright future for America and it’s future scholars. God Speed

  2. Good Luck in trying to make yourself whole. However, my thought about your action is whether you are weakening the union that we have. If the union we have is weakened so much, so, too, will be whatever benefits we have gained thus far.
    Isn’t that the plan of those who advocate for an end to public education and unions

    You will find many others in your situation who just caved in and allowed themselves to be pushed out due to lack of representation by the UFT.

    Not all of them read your blog, unfortunately.

    Once again, good luck.

  3. Sad … but.. true! We do need a stronger Union, a Union that is going to fight for its members… when the members are in need of services! You are doing a great job Mr. Portelos. I thank you for that!

  4. Scheinder, stop talking out of your A$$. You know damn well that it’s not the concept of the union that is under attack but those corrupt persons who were given charge to represent us in a fair and equitable manner. THEY AND NOT THE UNION ARE UNDER ATTACK HERE.

  5. This has nothing to do with weakening the Union. This will send a strong and publicly displayed message that We are the Union and not the other way around. It’s time to take back what is ours. Thank you Mr. Portelos, for speaking up for all of us.

  6. Good luck Mr. Portelos. I have been following things for the past 3 years. As teachers, we need to stand up for our rights, especially when they are violated. Take care and God bless.

  7. You were issued a fine after a hearing and that is the UFT’s fault.
    Did you use a UFT appointed lawyer If you did, then why are you complaining.
    Do you see any contradictions here. Please

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