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I asked the SLT chairperson to add my concern about the new PS 71 to the February agenda and she did not. I had to bring it up as open agenda.The principal was not too concerned. (See Feb 7 minutes)

Basically a new State of the Art middle school (PS71) is opening 2 miles away in 2013. Our school is mentioned in the article as “underutilized”. We currently have approximately 840 students (we had 1200) or so and with the new school opening in 2013 will have even lower numbers. Lower numbers means less staff and less funding. Something drastic needs to be done yesterday!

I have been blamed for less honors students coming in to our school. Last week I have been blamed for the low turn out at SLT meetings and the low moral at school. I have been blamed for contacting the NY Post. Lower numbers will be my fault too because of this site. Soon I may even be blamed that the chicken cutlets in the cafeteria are a little bland, light bulbs go out and that it will snow in April. Who knows

In Staten Island’s Concord section, a K-8 celebration

In Staten Island's Concord section, a K-8 celebration

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  1. I have to share my comment on Facebook on amybe not my friend anymore page, she posted about the silive article about the new PS71 and I let it out about it hurting my neighborhood that no hard working family would move in because of the public school, it hurting the growth of my neighborhood, the second best comment from the parents of Concord was Oh good our property valuse just went higher, I my neighborhood is destoryed. SI dumps more then just garbage. Check out my facebook page tel me I don’t have anything to lose.

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