Tweed’s Deputy Chancellor Kathleen Grimm Covers Up for Principal’s Asbestos Hazard

UPDATE 9/15/13: New secret email found that allegedly shows NYC DOE Deputy Chancellor of Operations Kathleen Grimm sent false information about asbestos disturbance at IS 49 Berta Dreyfus, Staten Island. Knowlingly false I do not know. I hope not.   This piece was originally posted in early January 2013. I… Continue reading

DOE: “Shut it, I said!”

What happens when you can’t control the guy who is blowing the whistle Well, you try to plug the whistle.Apparently, my situation has transported me out of the United States of America and into some foreign, Kafkaesque society. Logic and rationale play no role here. What they don’t understand yet… Continue reading

Professional Undevelopment

“We want the worst possible teachers in the classroom” – Said no one ever. What I attempted to do, while in educator exile, is learn. Learn about law, physics, earth science, read up on other cases, read up on labor law and union contracts etc. I had ZERO professional development… Continue reading

A DOEble Standard in NYC Education- Cases and Allegations

Please remember to hide your Time Card in a safe place to prevent transparency. No pin required. Just write in the times you want us to believe you worked and the taxpayer will send you a check. Right Principal Hill It seems that there is a “DOEble Standard” when it… Continue reading

New Teacher Evaluation Worries Many Educators, But Not All

On Tuesday November 27, 2012, I spent the day efficiently converting oxygen to carbon dioxide for the 103rd day in the Rubber Room. At night, I attended an Educators 4 Excellence event at Baruch College. I had seen someone share a link on Twitter and saw the words “New Teacher… Continue reading

UFT President Mulgrew and Chancellor Walcott to decide fate of some “Rubber Roomed” educators.

As of November 21, 2012, I have been removed from my position, as a classroom STEM teacher, for: 210 Calendar Days and 100 School Days (40 days past 60 day time limit agreed upon) …and I’m not the only one of the 220+ educators who past the time limit. Just… Continue reading

20 Miles from my Family and Students

My newborn son, Anastasio Sebastian Portelos It’s bad enough that NYC Department of Education officials removed me from my community school after I alleged misconduct. They left countless students without the education they deserved. To make matters worse, they continued with a series of poor decisions when I continued to… Continue reading

“Difficult to Work with” -The Grievance Game

If a union member believes that their contract has been violated, they follow grievance procedures for a remedy. That is of course after you first ask nicely. (Asking nicely has not been working me.) Back in March I asked nicely for Principal Linda Hill and her group to stop trying to divide my chapter and union bust. It didn’t work. Continue reading